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TIENS SPIRULINA CAPSULES: 0268840773, 0273767823

This product is mainly processed from
pure dry spirulina powder. Spirulina has a
high nutrient content, every 100g of spirulina 
powder contains 45g of protein. The protein 

in spirulina is easily absorbed by the human 

body. Many other essential minerals and
trace elements are contained in spirulina 


TIENS Spirulina Capsules is made of dried spirulina. The result of scientific

research has confirmed that spirulina contains easy to digest vegetable protein,various vitamins and essential fatty acid (GLA) that is rare to find in other foods. Every 100 grams of TlENS spirulina containing over 80mg of Beta-Carotene as well as a significant amount of vitamin E, that works within the body as powerful antioxidants. Additionally, the high concentration of the B group vitamins found in spirulina is believed to help maintain healthy nerves, skin, hair, eyes and liver.


An aboriginal tribe living in the surrounding area of Lake Chad in Central Africa is known to be healthy and strong enjoying long lives without suffering from various diseases that affect the modern civilized world. Scientist deeply interested in their dietary and living habits found that their diets consisted chiefly of a certain green alga, known as spirulina alga, which grows in the lake.

It would be interesting to note that the nutritional value of the alga and its

relationship to health. Spirulina alga, is the most protein rich food, containing about 60-70g of protein in every 100g of its dried powder, about 2.5 times that of soya beans, 3 times that of beef or fish and 4 times that of pork. The protein in spirulina alga is easily absorbed by the human body at a rate of 65-80%, while that of soya bean is absorbed at only 40%. Furthermore, spirulina alga contains 18 kinds of amino acid

s essential for human life; eight of these cannot be synthesized in the body. It also contains various minerals and trace elements including iron, calcium, sodium, potassium, copper, manganese, zinc, phosphorous and selenium, In addition, spirulina also contains various active principles such as vitamins, carotene; Iinolenic acid, ribonucleic acid, polysacchandes, cholinesterase, phycocyanin, monnitol, chlorophyll, phenols and enzymes.

The carotene content of spirulina is 20 times that of carrot. The chlorophyll content is also several times that of other vegetables. Its iron content is 70 times that of general food, it contains also 17 trace minerals.

1. Spirulina is rich in iron, and vitamin B 12. The iron content in 109 of dried spirulina Powder is equivalent to that in 450g of spinach or 320g of liver. Its vitamin B 12 content is about 4 times that of liver. Therefore, spirulina alga can be used forthe treatment and prevention of hypoterric and pernicious anemia.

2. Alga polysaccharide in spirulina alleviates cell damage caused by irradiation.Enhancing Proliferation of myelocytes (bone marrow cells;, strengthening immunological functions of the body and resistance against diseases.

3. Spirulina alga is also rich in Iinolenic acid which promotes the formation of Prostaglandis (prostate hormones), and thereby regulates blood pressure, promotes cell proliferation, prevents inflammation, coronary vascular diseases and diabetes mellitus. According to a medical report from Japan, the population use spirulina alga to obtain additional nutritional supply, 45% of them aimed at the treatment of diabetes mellitus. Large-scale clinical result proved that spirulina alga has a marvelous hypoglycemic effect.

4. Enzymes in spirulina alga can accelerate the recovery from trauma, promoting Cutaneous (skin) metabolism and preventing keratinization (callouses) of the skin.

5. Every 100g of dried spirulina alga contains about 60 mg carotenes which can be converted into vitamin A, for the treatment and prevention of nyctalopia (night blindness), and to promote growth and development of the reproductive system. Lack of vitamin A may cause rough skin zerosis of the cornea and calcification of labia oris.

6. Spirulina alga contains large amount of glycolipids and cerebroside sulphate, generally acknowledged by the medical profession as an effective anti HIV agent.

7. Spirulina can lower cholesterol and triglyceride IeveIs' in the body, and thus prevent or retard the process of arteriosclerosis for the prophylaxis of coronary heart disease and delay senility. It can also revive the activity of damaged cholinesterase to maintain normal physiological functions.

In summary, spirulina alga covers a broad spectrum as a nutrient and can be

regarded as a miniature treasure of nutrients. Its nutritional content is both whole and well balanced can be regarded as the basic material for various activities in life, it was determined by laboratory analysis that the nutritional content in 1 g of spirulina alga is equivalent to that of 1 kg of vegetables. At present, foodstuffs made of spirulina have become sought after all over the world.

Tiens spirulina capsules is extracted through hytech from spirulina powder, it

contains high nutrients which can promote growth in children, it can also provide vitality for aduIts.

It enhances the activity of the nervous system; it also maintains the function of the liver and the heart. After all clinical test TIENS spirulina capsule has been proved to be a ideal health product that can improve human immunity. The product has been identified by international food organization as the ideal, complete food for tomorrow. It is praised as "The ideal food in the 21stCentury".


TIENS SPIRULINA CAPSULES helps to treat and prevents

* It has all the vitamin nutrients A, B, C, D & E

* Has more minerals required by the body

* It supplies food without fats, thereby very effective for slimming

* It strengthens the body's immunity hence useful for AIDS/HIV patients an excellent source of bIue—green algae rich in anti-oxidants

* Improves growth and development in children

* Improve vitality for aduIts.

* Maintain the health of nerves, skin, hair, eyes and liver

* Prevents inflammation, coronary, vascular disease and diabetic mellitus

* Prevent the hypoterric and pernicious anemia (blood disease)

* It lower the cholesterol level in the body thus prevents arteriosclerosis.

* Prevent stomach ulcers

* Prevent night blindness

* Rich in linolenic acid which promotes the formation of prostate hormones

* Prevent fatigue and tiredness

* It contains glycolipids and cerebrosides sulphate which has been identified as strong anti—HIV agent

It can be applied externally on the skin to give it a nourished, smooth and healthy appearance.