TianShi / Tiens Herbal Products are available. They are very effective and can be of good help to anyone close to you such as your family and friends. We deliver our products right to you. Talk to us today: +233208520993 (Whatsapp). Thank you!

TianShi / Tiens Offices World Wide: Namibia, Uganda, Peru, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, Benin, Cameroon, Nigeria, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Zambia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philipines, Bangladesh, China, Pakistan, Laos, Thailand, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan,Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyz, India, Angola, Mozambique, Congo-Brazzaville, Madagascar, Sudan, Tanzania, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Venezuela, Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, United Kingdom UK, Turkey, Czech, Hungary, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Kenya, Pakistan, Ghana, India, Germany

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To all existing Tiens Members that have prospects in other countries and need assistance should understand that our assistance to your business will yield so much for your business and it's necessary that we coach the prospect, call your prospect and support him in many ways that can help you the referrer.

Hence, we have a system that can help you and your prospect round the world in all TianShi accredited shops.

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