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TianShi Business Concept

The Compensation Plan is unique!

Tiens Compensation Plan for Africa


1. Good Health (through the use of the high quality and unique health food supplements, massaging equipment, knowledge, etc)
2. Extra Income (through the retailing of the products)
3. Financial Freedom (monthly bonus "cash" from six multiple streams)
4. Free International Travels round the world most especially to the most interesting places in the world
5. Leave a LEGACY!
6. Free Luxurious Car brand of your choice for life!
7. Secured Retirement
8. Free Yatch
9. Own A Big Business for life!
10. Free Villa (Luxurious House)
11. Four (4) sitter Private Jet for free!
12. Personal Development


*There are six types of bonuses and awards you can earn
*1PV = 1U$D
*Your qualifying volumes are cumulative.
*There are no annual registration fees, you are automatically offered a lifetime membership
*No demotion: You do not lose your position once you have qualified for it.
*There are no breakaways and no flushing.
*You can build your TIENS business internationally as TIENS already operates in more than 200 nations around the world.

How will TIENS create wealth for you?

As a member of the TIENS global family of distributors, the sky really is the limit.
In just nine years, TIENS has created over 1000 millionaires worldwide and this number will continue to grow exponentially as more and more people become aware of the huge potential of the unique TIENS Marketing Plan.
Before we go into the details of the Marketing Plan,it is important to understand why President Li Jinyuan decided to use network marketing to deliver his products and message to the world.

Why Network Marketing?

President Li Jinyuan has always been passionate about sharing his success with as many others as possible , but why not develop franchises or a network of independent retailers?
*Being in the business yourself provides you with the opportunity to earn wealth , but there is a downside.
*There is a high failure rate , with up to 90% of small businesses failing the first five years.
*then there is the high start-up investment just to open your shop.
*There is the perennial problem of cash flow and debt collection.
*Even when you solve the above problem , you only receive little profit. Finally , you sacrifice your personal life , because you will probably be working at your business seven days a week just to keep it afloat in the first several years.

But it does not have to be like this . There is a better way!
As an Independent distributor with TIENS ,you have the potential to earn significant amount of income, without many of the downsides of owning your own business:
*You can start your own business with a minimal investment at no risk.
*You are in business for yourself but not by yourself. there is a strong support system in place to help you
*It is based on a proven, duplicate-friendly system, so anyone can do it.
*You have the great flexibility of working from home only at the hours that suit you.
*You pay yourself what you really worth and not what the boss thinks you are worth.
*There are no geographical boundaries to limit your business
*You have no logistical worries. We arrange all deliveries. You don’t even have to handle any cash
*You can enjoy the same tax benefits as in a big business.

You have the potential to earn very significant permanent income! What do we mean by permanent income?
There are really only 2 types of income: reciprocal and residual.

Reciprocal income is where you work for an employer and are paid wages for your time on the job. You can be permanently employed…but your income is temporary. In other words, you only get paid while you work. If you think that your income is permanent, try telling the boss that you want to take leave for 12months and still receive a salary!

Residual income, on the other hand, is permanently enjoyed by a relatively few occupations: authors, songwriters, movie stars, inventors…and those who have developed a successful network marketing business.

What is residual income and how can I earn some?
Residual income is where you are paid over and over again, throughout your lifetime, for something you did only once. Think of it like a royalty payment. So, as long as your organisation is ordering products from TIENS, you will receive the bonuses on those sales, even if you haven't been personally responsible for making the sales.
Don’t forget, its not just your customers that earn your income! This is the greatest advantage of Network Marketing. Its not just your personal sales that produce income, but the combined purchases and sales of those you have introduced to the business, and who they have introduced, and so on.


MLM in Africa

What’s it all about?
Network marketing is simply a method of providing goods and services to customers where the retail “middleman” has been replaced with a network of independent distributors.
Instead of the profit going to the retailer , it goes into the pockets of TIENS Independent Distributors.
Network Marketing is based on “word-of-mouth” and any business that produces quality products recognizes the power of this form of promotion. There is no need to advertise in network marketing . Instead, that portion of money is used to produce a better quality for the same price . This is a good news for consumers.
To understand how effective “word-of-mouth” is , think of the last time you purchased something that you really liked…a piece of clothing or jewelleries , some new furniture or perhaps a new car . You probably brought it up in conversation with your friends . You may even have told them where to purchase it!
The fact is , every day of our lives we promote other people’s businesses without getting paid for it . At TIENS , we’ve simply taken the word-of-mouth process and attached a reward to it if a sale results. So , simply by sharing the product and business benefits with your friends , you could be on your way to earning , what might become , a very substantial income.


1. Low joining fees compared to the others
2. No annual renewal of membership
3. No territorial limitations. Can work all over the world
4. Pays bonuses to infinity generation number
5. Payment based on accumulated
6. Great special awards: - Travel, Car, Yacht, Aircraft &Villa
7. Freedom to work full time or part-time
8. Wide range of products and over 200 supplements in the market
9. Commission paid as a percentage of total purchase, not a percentage of total profit
10. Benefit from over 5,000 years of Chinese traditional herbal preparations plus advanced biotechnology Certified by ISO-9001 (World body) USP and FDA (America) NAFDAC in Nigeria.
11. NAFDAC'S Sole Independent Analyst
12. Products recommended by NASA for use at outer space and divers association also recommended them. Awarded best Health care product for Aeronautical & Astronautically use by Russian Int. Academy of Human Research in Aeronautics &Astronautics.
13. UN Official supplier Award.
14. Has over 8 factories scattered around the world.
15. Over 21 Million distributors’ worldwide.
16. Over 22 Million regular customers worldwide. Stable with a rapid average annual growth rate of 170%, Strategic partnerships with USA, Germany, Malaysia, Spain, Egypt, Canada, Britain, Taiwan and other fortune 500 Companies in 27 Countries.
17. Member of New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo and London and Chinese Stock Exchange (NIASJAO. AMEX etc.).
18. Has its own University, conducting research and product development. Enables you to access nutritional herbal supplements with advanced state of the art and advanced biotechnology.
19. In 2002 got UN Best Enterprises Awards, Halal certification from Islamic association and Judaist Church certification, Operation of specially shops thereby creating Independent managers, High quality products: Health Care products, Body care products, Health care equipment and Home appliances.