TianShi / Tiens Herbal Products are available. They are very effective and can be of good help to anyone close to you such as your family and friends. We deliver our products right to you. Talk to us today: +233208520993 (Whatsapp). Thank you!

How to Join

Hello, reader!
It's my pleasure to putting up this whole blog for you!
Do you want to join TianShi / Tiens Business? Or you want to be a regular user of the products? 

You can use my name: Raphael Tornyi and Tiens Code: XXXXXXXX to fill the order form. This will allow you to get the products on wholesale.

I will be glad to help you join TianShi / Tiens SUCCESSFULLY and you will be part of my team.

Are you happy to be part of us? Then follow the procedures below: NOTE: all Tiens Application forms have two (2) main parts: you the applicant (customer) and the sponsor information. In this case, I will be your sponsor.

  1. It's good to know that the first step to joining Tiens is registration. In Africa, it's U$D 20.00. That involves the filling of an application form with your particulars such as names, emails, phone numbers, etc. 
  2. On same application form, look for the fields or spaces provided for the sponsor and use my information to fill in the provided space.

Sponsor Information:
Name: Raphael Tornyi
Code: Contact us via whatsapp or send e-mail for the code
Country: Ghana
Phone: +233208520993, +233245703180

You will be given a starter kit, an ID card bearing 8 digits number. 
Remember, your membership code aka Tiens ID numbers and names to fill the forms whenever you are buying from any Tiens Shop or Office.
Thank you and....

NOTICE: If you are not in Africa, just send us whatsapp: +233208520993 and we fix it. 

We would give you: The address and phone numbers that takes you to the Head Offices of TianShi / Tiens in your country. When you call them, ask them of the location of their accredited shops near your location or town. Follow up and visit there to buy your products or join our team. Thank you!

Very Important Notices:

  • Don't just buy Tiens products without taking a copy of your receipts.
  • Don't just buy the products from anyone!
  • Do your best to locate the real Tiens Accredited shops and do your transactions there.
  • Don't just register anywhere.
  • Be faithful.
  • Always contact us for the best views.
  • People that could not provide their banking information, will still get paid their bonuses right at the shop or Tiens office where he / she registered.

Advantages of Joining from Us:

  1. High percentage for Africa: 5% - 43%
  2. We really want to help or support you.
  3. We want you to be a good beneficiary
  4. We are always in business!
  5. Count on us
  6. We will refer more people to you as a support for you!
  7. After you join, and it's confirmed after a month, we have a special cash reward for you!