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Tiens Health Concept


Tianshi Antilipemic Tea contains Five main ingredients.
* The Green Tea * Herba Gynostemma Pentaphyllum
* Nelumbo Nucifera * Radix Polygonum Mulriflorum
* Cassia Obtusifolia

Tiens Antilipemic Tea is prepared from Green Tea in combination with a selection of Chinese herbal remedies that refreshes the body, promote digestion, and dispense with lipids. Invigorate the spleen and stomach.

This herbal formula initiates a healthy internal cleansing process for your body. Our Balanced Internal Cleaner promotes the natural elimination of toxins and waste from your digestive system. The average person carries about 5 to 10 pounds of disease causing toxins in their small intestines. These toxins continue to release poisons directly into the blood stream. While colonies may be helpful to the large intestines, they are not able to effectively deal with the roughly 30 feet of our small intestine. By detoxifying your digestive system and other vital organs, you optimize your body's ability to absorb nutrients and to nourish the basic energy and life of the cells. Tiens Internal Cleansers contains a wide variety of herbs to assists in naturally cleansing of the body; assists in the natural elimination of wastes and excess water retention minimize the nutritional value of other Tiens Energy System Products.

GREEN TEA is hot health news lately, thanks to mounting scientific evidence of its ability to boost the immune system, improve heart heath and fight off cancer. Growing attention is being given in studies conducted by many accredited medical institution, and in recent medical reports on the healthful and healing properties of Green Tea. One of the most significant areas of research has been in the area of cancer. Green Tea has been hailed as a cancer-fighting superstar than to its high concentration of antioxidants.

GYNOSTEMMA PENTAPHYLLUM, called "miracle herb" is known for its amazing ability to enhance your longevity and support your cardiovascular system. Gypenoside is extracted from its leaves and stems, and has the adaptogen to increase strength and immunity, and to combat the effects of stress. Antipilemic tea also increases High-Density Lipoproteins (HDL), allowing the so called cardiovascular cleaners, to remove and clean the rubbish from the vessels. The higher 'your HDL (or "good" cholesterol) levels are, the lower your risk of cardiovascular diseases. Cardiovascular diseases are currently the NO.1 killer in many countries, claiming nearly 1 million lives every year. That's about one person dying from a heart disease every 32 seconds. In addition, these diseases are becoming increasingly prevalent in developing nations as they become westernized in their diets and consume more fats.

The major contributor to cardiovascular diseases is the build-up of cholesterol in the blood vessels, such as those leading to the heart and the brain, vessels that are to supply them with oxygen. Fatty plaque accumulate on the artery walls and eventually closes the artery to blood flow - a condition called atherosclerosis. lf this happens in the coronary arteries, a heart attack occurs. lf it happens in the brain, a stroke can result. Good HDL level are inversely related to this buildup of plaque on the artery walls.
Tests show that, Antillipemic Tea, assists the body in regulating and maintaining cholesterol levels that are already within the normal range. It also prevent hair from turning gray prematurely, strengthen the teeth, and enhances longevity.

NELUMBO NUCIFERA — It has a bitter taste. It is mild in action. It
enhances the endurance of the human body against heat and humid conditions. Experience has it that it can uplift the spirit, dissolve blood clot within the body system and enhance clothing during bleeding. Research has revealed Great the distilled lotus (could expand the blood vessels, resulting in a drop in the blood pressure.

RADIX POLYGONUM MUITIFLORUM - It has a detoxifying property, relieves pains, and can accelerate bowl evacuation. It contains lecithin, polyunsaturated fatty acids, which may lower the blood cholesterol. As a result, it can enhance better blood circulation, preventing arteriosclerosis. It has been shown to increase the blood flow in the coronary artery, reducing the rate of the heartbeat.

CASSIA OBTUSIFOLIA - Research has indicated that Hos Buddlijae is rich in Vitamin A, Calcium, Copper, Zinc and Selenium. These are antioxidants,needed by the body to activate the detoxification enzymes to function optimally, thereby enhance detoxification. It has Laxative properties, thus can stimulate or increase the frequency of bowl evacuation.

So "Drink Your Way to a Healthier Heart" with Antilipemic Tea

Improves the quality life
Reduces blood lipids,clear away internal heat
Purities the Cardiovascular system & the heart
Improves the acuity of sight
Reduces blood serum & weight
Relieves inflammation and clears away toxic materials
Relieves cough and reduces sputum
Removes intensive heat from the liver and improves eyesight
Helps to keep trim
Reduces high blood pressure
Relaxes the bowels and accelerates body metabolism
Invigorates the function of the spleen, the liver and Kidney thus Improving sexual functions
Replenishes vitality
Modulates hair and strengthens teeth
Helps to keep a healthy body and enhances clear and beautiful face.

Antilipemic Tea

Antilipemic Tea

Sea Master

Tiens Sea Master Softgels


This product is mainly processed
from maize fibre, poly-glucose and
haw-thorn powder. These ingredients
are useful "cleaners" for the
digestive tract

The dietary fibers in Double Cellulose Tablets cut the absorption of pernicious elements and excess food elements. Studies have shown that dietary fiber is effective in controlling blood glucose and reducing plasma cholesterol. Double cellulose tablets stimulates intestinal movement and relieves the bowels, further reducing the absorption of unwanted substances and benefiting those who are concerned about obesity or suffering from diabetes because the intake of the fibers leads to a feeling of partial fullness, which lowers the desire to eat more, and stimulates the release of insulin.

Daily excretion similar to daily food intake is also essential for human life. If bowel movement is always obstructed, constipation may set in which hampers good health. The criteria suggested by the WHO is" accelerated eating, rapid digestion and fast elimination", if these condition could be met; then your digestive system will prove to be healthy. As our daily living standard becomes increasingly improved, our food intake becomes more refined and meticulous, which causes constipation to become a common ailment. This implies that there must be a complication in digestive system, a sign of overall systemic disorder. This is then, complicated by abdominal distention, pain, dizziness, loss of appetite, restlessness and insomnia. In severe cases, anal tissues and hemorrhoids may appear which greatly affect normal daily living. Research by Japanese scholars found that 30% - 40% of patients with Alzheimer disease have a history of habitual constipation.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Maize Cellulose, Polyglucosan, Aspartame.
Double cellulose tablets contain the dietary fiber of water soluble like corn cellulose and polyglucosan which have been purified. Also with the addition, of powdered hawthorn and sweetens. This term dietary fiber describes substances that cannot be broken down by human digestive enzymes. WHO recommended dietary fibers intake is about 40 grams per day.

1. Harmful metabolic wastes produced in the intestine can be absorbed by the circulatory system, causing academia (acidity of blood), which in the long term, may form substances with strong oxidation activities known as free radicals.
a. This may inhibit the growth of some beneficial parasite in the intestine
b. This in turn could result in the dysfunction of the autonomous nervous system, which greatly affects the cerebral nervous system.
c. Lumps of feaces accumulated in the intestine may affect the surrounding organs and tissues with the pressure they cause.

There are many approaches to relieve constipation, but an appropriate choice is rather a problem. Prescribed medicine may suggest a phenolphthalein or senna tablet. Their actions are rapid but transient and may weaken the normal functioning of the intestine or produce some other unpleasant effects.

The most effective approach for the prevention and relief of constipation is to
choose the proper dietary intake suitable for your individual physical condition. Vast amounts of research suggest that dietary fibers must be included in our daily food intake as the seventh essential factor for the human body besides protein, sugar, fat, vitamins, minerals and water. Although fibrous food as a kind of polysaccharide cannot be absorbed and utilized by the body; it is vital for proper physiological metabolism and has the health care functions of:

a. Facilitates bowel movement and prevents constipation. Wang Chong one of the foremost authorities on health care of the 1st Century, wrote that "For proper growth, one must always keep the abdominal cavity clean," Modern medicine regarded 'Fibrous cellulose as the scavenger of the intestinal tract. Dietary fibers are excellent water absorbers which swell to give a large volume and thus increase the volume and softens the texture of faeces for easy excretion. It also shortens the time of contact of harmful substances with intestinal wall.

b. Decrease cholesterol to prevent arteriosclerosis and coronary heart diseases.Elevated serum cholesterol is a risk factor for the development of arteriosclerosis. Dietary fibers not only transfer cholesterol to lower the blood cholesterol, but also prevent the absorption of cholesterol from our diet.

c. Beneficial for the maintenance of body weight thus averting obesity. Obesity is one of the risk factors for the occurrence of hypertension and heart disease. According to an article published in "World Time', if one’s weight can be maintained at a constant weight; the incidence of cardiovascular diseases can be lowered by about 20%. A high intake of dietary fiber can decrease the caloric value of the ingested food (benefiting the Diabetic) leaving the person with a satisfied stomach, it prevents over eating thus avoiding the development of chronic diseases.

d. Advantageous in the prevention of carcinoma of the colon: Epidemiological studies indicate that the incidence of carcinoma of the colon is always related with a diet containing a high level of fat and a low level of dietary fiber.

Double cellulose prevents and enhances absorption of food substances in our body by:
Facilitating bowel movement, preventing constipation
Decreases excess cholesterol absorption to prevent arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease.
Lowers blood cholesterol
Enhances the maintenance of body weight thus averting obesity
Much intake of dietary fiber prevents over eating, hence prevents

the body from developing chronic diseases.
Prevent cancer of the colon. (Carcinoma)
Prevents pain, dizziness, loss of appetite, restlessness and insomnia
In several cases it prevents anal tissues and hemorrhoids (pile)
Removes some body poison
Reduces general body fat and displaces caloric-dense concentrated fats
Useful for slimming
It prevents appendicitis
It prevents intestinal problems
Reduces blood pressure

Double Cellulose Tablets

Double Cellulose Tablets


Slimming Tea has main ingredients as
Folium Nelumbinis (Lotus), Rhizoma
Alismatis, Radixet Rhizoma Rhei, Oolong
Tea, Herbal Cornutae Seulatifoliae, and
Semen Cassiae. Effective in cleansing
cholesterol and lipids, enhance blood
clotting, and remarkably reduces serious
weight conditions)

Modem medical practice has proved that the main functions of Tiens Slimming Tea are as follows:
* Dispensing with the lipids
* Controlling obesity
* Improving digestion
* Accelerating metabolism
* Promoting excretion
NOTE: This product works more effectively when combined with Spirulina Capsules / Chitosan Capsules and Double Cellulose Tablets. Don't forget to make exercise a daily routine. This will give you the longevity and the vitality of well-being the best results for weight loss. Its packaging looks just like the antilipemic tea, just the composition and the name on the box are different.

Main ingredients and their unique functions:

Folium Nelumbinis: Folium Nelumbinis (lotus) is mild, bitter in taste, which enhances the endurance of human body against heat and humidity. It can also lift the spirits, melt the clot and stop bleeding. Modem scientific research has proved that the Distilled lotus could expand the blood vessels, which results in a drop of blood pressure.

Semen Cassiae: Semen Cassiae is one of the Traditional Chinese herbs with
sweet and bitter taste. The essentially active substances extracted from Semen Cassiae are plant steroid, anthracene, which prevent the increase of the blood cholesterol and restrict the occurrence of arteriosclerosis. The most outstanding function is dispensing with the blood lipids.

Oolong Tea and Herbal Cornutae Seu Latifoliae: Oolong Tea and Herbal Comutae Seu Latifoliae can enhance the endurance of human body, kill the bacterium and virus, diminish the inflammation, stop the coughing and reduce the sputum. They may also help digestion, lift the spirits, reduce the blood cholesterol and lipids and keep the brain clear. The extraordinary effect on slimming and controlling obesity makes it a remarkable product in this field. Working as a detoxifier as well, it is a generalist on antioxidation, anti-radiation and anti-cancer.

In conclusion, Tiens Slimming Tea is effective, free from side effects. A secure and convenient health care food for those that are on serious weight control programme.

* It dispenses the lipids
* Controls obesity
* Improves digestion
* Accelerates metabolism
* Promotes proper excretion thus reducing weight
* Dilates the arteries hence regulates the blood pressure
* Lifts the spirit, melts the clot and stops bleeding
* Kills bacteria and virus thus helps to boost immunity
* Reduces inflammation
* Stop cough and reduces sputum
* Cleanses the brain
* Has anti-cancer effects,anti-oxidation and anti-radiation

Oolong Tea: Slimming Tea

TianShi Slimming Tea


Extract from Grapevine plant
* Resveratrol * Oligosacchande


a. Research indicate that its prophylactics spectrum is wide and has these major effects.

b. An anti-cancerous effect prevent heart disease through its action of lowing blood clot and accumulation.

c. Also it is a powerful anti-oxidant, providing greater protection against oxygen free radical-induced lipid oxidation than vitamin E and in laboratory mice. It is also effective against tobacco induced oxidative stress in human oral mucosal cells (mouth) than vitamin E and C.


* This products is a strong anti-cancerous agent.

* It prevents heart disease through its action of lowing blood clot and maintaining good quality heart health.

* It boosts weak libido due to its energy providing ability (when combined with Tianshi Cordyceps Sinensis Capsules).

* It is a strong anti-oxidant thereby preventing cardiovascular diseases.

* It prolongs life after usage for extended period of time. (Adaptogenic)

* It has anti-sepsis and anti-inflammatory action.

* It also improves Micro—circulation.

* It reduces arteriosclerosis, prevents angiocardiopathy and reduces blood liquids.

* It improves exuberant vitality (energy booster)

* It also prevents the growing of cancer cells.

* It also inhibits tobacco induced oxidative stress.

TianShi GrapeVine Extracts Capsules

This product is mainly processed from
pure dry spirulina powder. Spirulina has a
high nutrient content, every 100g of spirulina
powder contains 45g of protein. The protein
in spirulina is easily absorbed by the human
body. Many other essential minerals and
trace elements are contained in spirulina


TIENS Spirulina Capsules is made of dried spirulina. The result of scientific

research has confirmed that spirulina contains easy to digest vegetable protein,various vitamins and essential fatty acid (GLA) that is rare to find in other foods. Every 100 grams of TlENS spirulina containing over 80mg of Beta-Carotene as well as a significant amount of vitamin E, that works within the body as powerful antioxidants. Additionally, the high concentration of the B group vitamins found in spirulina is believed to help maintain healthy nerves, skin, hair, eyes and liver.


An aboriginal tribe living in the surrounding area of Lake Chad in Central Africa is known to be healthy and strong enjoying long lives without suffering from various diseases that affect the modern civilized world. Scientist deeply interested in their dietary and living habits found that their diets consisted chiefly of a certain green alga, known as spirulina alga, which grows in the lake.

It would be interesting to note that the nutritional value of the alga and its

relationship to health. Spirulina alga, is the most protein rich food, containing about 60-70g of protein in every 100g of its dried powder, about 2.5 times that of soya beans, 3 times that of beef or fish and 4 times that of pork. The protein in spirulina alga is easily absorbed by the human body at a rate of 65-80%, while that of soya bean is absorbed at only 40%. Furthermore, spirulina alga contains 18 kinds of amino acid

s essential for human life; eight of these cannot be synthesized in the body. It also contains various minerals and trace elements including iron, calcium, sodium, potassium, copper, manganese, zinc, phosphorous and selenium, In addition, spirulina also contains various active principles such as vitamins, carotene; Iinolenic acid, ribonucleic acid, polysacchandes, cholinesterase, phycocyanin, monnitol, chlorophyll, phenols and enzymes.

The carotene content of spirulina is 20 times that of carrot. The chlorophyll content is also several times that of other vegetables. Its iron content is 70 times that of general food, it contains also 17 trace minerals.

1. Spirulina is rich in iron, and vitamin B 12. The iron content in 109 of dried spirulina Powder is equivalent to that in 450g of spinach or 320g of liver. Its vitamin B 12 content is about 4 times that of liver. Therefore, spirulina alga can be used forthe treatment and prevention of hypoterric and pernicious anemia.

2. Alga polysaccharide in spirulina alleviates cell damage caused by irradiation.Enhancing Proliferation of myelocytes (bone marrow cells;, strengthening immunological functions of the body and resistance against diseases.

3. Spirulina alga is also rich in Iinolenic acid which promotes the formation of Prostaglandis (prostate hormones), and thereby regulates blood pressure, promotes cell proliferation, prevents inflammation, coronary vascular diseases and diabetes mellitus. According to a medical report from Japan, the population use spirulina alga to obtain additional nutritional supply, 45% of them aimed at the treatment of diabetes mellitus. Large-scale clinical result proved that spirulina alga has a marvelous hypoglycemic effect.

4. Enzymes in spirulina alga can accelerate the recovery from trauma, promoting Cutaneous (skin) metabolism and preventing keratinization (callouses) of the skin.

5. Every 100g of dried spirulina alga contains about 60 mg carotenes which can be converted into vitamin A, for the treatment and prevention of nyctalopia (night blindness), and to promote growth and development of the reproductive system. Lack of vitamin A may cause rough skin zerosis of the cornea and calcification of labia oris.

6. Spirulina alga contains large amount of glycolipids and cerebroside sulphate, generally acknowledged by the medical profession as an effective anti HIV agent.

7. Spirulina can lower cholesterol and triglyceride IeveIs' in the body, and thus prevent or retard the process of arteriosclerosis for the prophylaxis of coronary heart disease and delay senility. It can also revive the activity of damaged cholinesterase to maintain normal physiological functions.

In summary, spirulina alga covers a broad spectrum as a nutrient and can be

regarded as a miniature treasure of nutrients. Its nutritional content is both whole and well balanced can be regarded as the basic material for various activities in life, it was determined by laboratory analysis that the nutritional content in 1 g of spirulina alga is equivalent to that of 1 kg of vegetables. At present, foodstuffs made of spirulina have become sought after all over the world.

Tiens spirulina capsules is extracted through hytech from spirulina powder, it

contains high nutrients which can promote growth in children, it can also provide vitality for aduIts.

It enhances the activity of the nervous system; it also maintains the function of the liver and the heart. After all clinical test TIENS spirulina capsule has been proved to be a ideal health product that can improve human immunity. The product has been identified by international food organization as the ideal, complete food for tomorrow. It is praised as "The ideal food in the 21stCentury".


TIENS SPIRULINA CAPSULES helps to treat and prevents

* It has all the vitamin nutrients A, B, C, D & E

* Has more minerals required by the body

* It supplies food without fats, thereby very effective for slimming

* It strengthens the body's immunity hence useful for AIDS/HIV patients an excellent source of bIue—green algae rich in anti-oxidants

* Improves growth and development in children

* Improve vitality for aduIts.

* Maintain the health of nerves, skin, hair, eyes and liver

* Prevents inflammation, coronary, vascular disease and diabetic mellitus

* Prevent the hypoterric and pernicious anemia (blood disease)

* It lower the cholesterol level in the body thus prevents arteriosclerosis.

* Prevent stomach ulcers

* Prevent night blindness

* Rich in linolenic acid which promotes the formation of prostate hormones

* Prevent fatigue and tiredness

* It contains glycolipids and cerebrosides sulphate which has been identified as strong anti—HIV agent

It can be applied externally on the skin to give it a nourished, smooth and healthy appearance.

Spirulina Capsules


Soft Gelatin Capsules

For enhancement of Biological function &
Sexual Activity

Each capsules contains:
Natural Royal Jelly 500mg
Ginseng Extract 60mg
Damiana Extract 10mg
Saw Palmetto Extract 20mg
Muira Puama Extract 30mg

Damiana extract

Damiana is a small shrub native to the American Southwest, Mexico and the West indies. It was used by the Mayans and Aztecs as a sexual stimulant and' to treat respiratory disorders. Some people smoke Damiana in a water pipe as a prelude to lovemaking. It was also burned ceremoniously to enable participants to "see visions". Damiana has been used for thousands of years in Latin American cuItures ritualistically as a sexual stimulant. Growing in dry, rocky climates, Damiana is a shrub with small yellow flowers that is generally found in the southwestern regional areas of Mexico, California and Texas. Considered to be an over aII body tonic, Damiana is no longer considered a herb just for men, but may be used for a variety of ailments for both men and women.

Damiana affects the nervous system acting as an anti-depressant, soothing anxiety, nervousness and mild depression, promoting the general feeling of well-being. Damiana also stimulates the circulation of the body consequently raising energy levels to alleviate fatigue and stimulate weight loss. Other known uses for Damiana are as a mild laxative useful for relieving constipation, soothing headaches caused by menstruation, and thinning fluids resulting from asthma, colds and flu. Most research has been done on the essential oil of Damiana, which includes numerous small, fragrant substances called terpenes. As yet, it is unclear if the essential oil is truly the main active fraction of Damiana.

The leaves also contain the anti-microbial substance arbutin, some alkaloids, and other potentially important compounds. It has also been used for such conditions as depression (as it is a pleasant mood enhancer that leaves many people with a feeling of happiness and well—being), anxiety, sexual inadequacy, debilitation, bed-wetting, amenorrhea, gastric ulcers, and constipation.

Damiana contains substances called terpenes, beta-sitoserol, arbutin, alkaloidsand various aromatic oils that have a stimulant effect on the sexual apparatus and help to build sexual health and reproductivity. These nutrients work to restore and enhance sexual functions by increasing blood flow to the organs and for overall health of the sexual reproductive system. Damiana also works as a tonic for nervous or sexual debility.

Possible Benefits

Potent aphrodisiac and sexual stimulant

Improves sexual desire and sexual performance

Increases blood circulation to the organs

Increases sperm count in males and strengthens eggs in females.

Alleviates anxiety and promotes sense of well-being.

Promotes energy and helps with weakness and exhaustion.

Helps balance female hormones and alleviate menopause symptoms.

Helps relieve constipation.

Helps with bronchitis and asthma

Sexual stimulant

It is currently confirmed that Damiana enhances sexual performance. Damiana, in its historical uses was that of a sex stimulator, increasing sex drive or aphrodisiac. Ancient Mexican Indian cuItures used Damiana as an aphrodisiac and it was also used for asthma, bronchitis, neurosis, diabetes, dysentery, dysmenorrhea, dyspepsia, headaches, paralysis, nephrosis, spermatorrhea, stomachache and syphilis. The leaves are used in Germany to relieve excess mental activity and nervous debility, and as a tonic for the hormonal and central nervous systems.

Other reports state that Damiana was used historically for frigidity in women and impotence in men. The action of this herb is reported to increase the output of the male hormone testosterone. Interestingly, historical uses of Damiana also included women who were suffering from hormone-related deficiencies such as menopause and hot flashes.

Dr. James Balch reports in his book Prescription for Nutritional Healing that Damiana "relieves headaches, controls bed-wetting, and stimulates muscular contractions of the intestinal tract" He also comments that damiana interferes with iron absorption when taken internally. 3 or 4 grams of powdered leaf consumed twice daily (in tea, in capsules or otherwise) is a recommended means of manifesting damiana's aphrodisiac qualities.

E. F. Steinmetz states that in Holland, damiana is renowned for its sexual enhancing qualities and its positive effects on the reproductive organs. The British Herbal Pharmacopoeia cites indications for the use of damiana in anxiety neurosis with a predominant sexual factor, depression, nervous dyspepsia, atonic constipation, and coital inadequacy.

U.S. patent was awarded for a herbal combination for females, with inventorsreporting that damiana could relieve anxiety, depression, and headaches during menstruation, and exhaustion. Damiana also helps to balance female hormone levels and control hot flashes?

Neural system

Damiana is a valuable strengthening remedy for the nervous and hormonal system. In particular, it has a stimulating and enhancing action on those functions related to the male reproductive system, especially where there is sexual inadequacy with a strong psychological or emotional element. The alkaloids are thought to have a testosteronal effect; that is why it is used as an anti-depressant in cases of anxiety and depression where there is a sexual factor. Some claim that drunk as a tea it has relaxing effect. It is of benefit in any debilitated condition of the central nervous system from anxiety and depression to neuralgia; and is used to contain genital herpes.

Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto is a small, fan-shaped palm that grows along the South Atlantic coast ofthe United States. Seminole Indians once enjoyed its berries as an important part of their diet. About 50 years ago, researchers discovered the berries had medicinal value and started using them to treat urinary problems.

In the Indian medicine, Saw Palmetto was used to treat atrophy of the testes, impotence, inflammation of the prostate, as they increase the bladder's ability to contract and expel its contents, low libido in men, and as a general tonic to nourish the body. Other historical uses have included the treatment of infertility in women, treatment of underdeveloped breasts, increased lactation, painful menstruation cycles, anti-inflammatory, appetite stimulant, and as a tonic and expectorant for mucous membranes, particularlythe bronchial passages.

Also, Saw Palmetto berries have been used to treat many different disorders of the uro-genital system. Saw Palmetto is a specific in all formulas for male impotence, sterility, reproductive problems and to reduce inflammation and swelling of the prostrate. Saw Palmetto is a urethra toning herb that increases blood flow to the sexual organs. Diseases of both male and female reproductive organs have been helped by Saw Palmetto.

Reliving prostate complaints & irritable bladder

Saw palmetto contains certain phytosterols substances that seem to curb prostate cell growth, its action in the body is probably similar to that of finasteride and other drugs. Studies have reviewed 18 clinical trials of saw palmetto; it improved urinary tract symptoms, including nighttime urination, by about 25%. Men taking saw palmetto were twice as likely to report improvements as those taking a placebo. In Germany, other studies have tended to support the effectiveness of saw palmetto.

Results like these led the United States Pnamacopoeia (USP) to conclude Iast April that there is "moderate evidence of effectvaries' for saw palmetto in men with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). USP is a coast- governmental agency that sets manufacturing standards for drugs and advises health professionals on their appropriate use. The problem of a swollen prostate gland or benign prostatic hyper- trophy (BPH) plagues one out of every two men over me age of 80. lf the enlarged gland presses against the urethra, the tube that carries urine from the bladder out of the body, the simple act of urinating can become difficuIt.

Surgery can open up the flow, but because the prostate is surrounded by nerves, patients run the risk of incontinence or impotence. Prescription drugs provide some relief for some men, but with the risk of diminished sex drive (Proscar) or dizziness (Hytrin). And there's no good evidence that changing your diet will help.

Today saw palmetto is widely used in Europe as an aIternative to conventional treatment for BPH, non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate gland, a condition that affects half of all men over age 50. The prostate is a small, donut-shaped gland that surrounds the neck of the bladder and urethra in men. As the gland swells, it pinches the urethra, making it hard to urinate, Men with this condition need to urinate frequently and urgently but often find it difficuIt and painful to do so. A government review of 18 studies involving 2939 men published in the November, 1998 issue of the Journal of American Medicine concluded that saw palmetto was effective as a prescription drug in improving the symptoms of BPH.

The active ingredients are fatty acids found in the fat portion of saw palmetto berries. These substances don't actually shrink the prostate gland, but they seem to reduce inflammation and prevent or slow the growth of new prostate cells. In men with BPH, saw palmetto berry extract seems to have effects similar to the prescription drug but without side effects like decreased libido, ejaculatory problems, and loss of erection.

General properties

In general Saw Palmetto acts as an Anti-catarrhal as it eliminates mucus conditions, Anti-galactagogue as it prevents or decreases secretion of milk, Anti—inflammatory as it counteracts and diminishes inflammation or its effects, Antiseptic as it combats and neutralizes pathogenic bacteria and prevents infection, Anti-spasmodic as it prevents and relieves spasms, Aphrodisiac as it stimulates sexual desire. Astringent as it has a constricting or binding effect, Cardiac it is a heart tonic and restorative, Diuretic; it increases the secretion and flow of urine, Expectorant; as it encourages the loosening of phlegm from the respiratory tract, Hormonal; it has anormalizing effect on the reproductive system, Nutritive; as it strengthens functional activity of the nervous system, Nutritive; as it helps with the process of assimilating food and has the property of nourishing, Parasiticide; as it kills parasites and worms.

Sedative; as it exerts a quieting, soothing or tranquilizing effect; sedatives may be local, general, nervous or vascular, Stimulant; as it increases internal heat, dispels internal chill and strengthens metabolism and circulation, Tonic; as it restores, nourishes, and supports the entire body; a substance that exerts a gently strengthening effect on the body.

Muira puama extract

Muira puama, also called "potency wood"; is a small tree that grows up to 5m high and is native to the Brazilian Amaion and other parts of the Amazon rain forest. The small, white flowers have a pungent fragrance similar to jasmines.

Historically, all parts of muira puama nave been used medicinally, but the bark and roots are the most-utilized parts of the plant. It has been used in the Amazon by indigenous people for a number of purposes. Native people along the Brazilian Amazon use the stems and roots from young plants as a tonic to treat neuromuscular problems; a root decoction is used in baths and massages for treating paralysis, and a root-and-bark tea is taken to treat sexual debility, rheumatism, grippe, and cardiac and gastrointestinal asthenia. It's also valued there as a preventive for baldness, in Brazilianherbal medicine, muira puama still is a highly-regarded sexual stimulant with a reputation as a powerful aphrodisiac. It has been in the Brazilian Pharmacopoea since the 1950s. If is used as a neuromuscular tonic for asthenia and paralysis, dyspepsia, menstrual disturbances, chronic rheumatism, sexual importance grippe, ataxia, and central nervous system disorders.

Muira puama is employed around the world today in herbal medicine. Early European explorers noted the indigenous uses and the aphrodisiac quantities of muira puama and brought it back to Europe, where it has become cart c‘ herbal medicine in England. It is still listed in the British Herbal Pharmacopoeia; it is also used in Europe to treat impotence, infertility, neurasthenia, menstrual disturbances and dysentery.

Neural system

In Germany, muira puama is employed as a central nervous system tonic for

hookworms, menstrual disturbances, and rheumatism. Muira puama has been

gaining in popularity in the United States, where herbalists and health care practitioners are using it for impotence, depression, menstrual cramps and PMS, neurasthenia, and central nervous system disorders:

Scientists began searching for the source of muira puama's efficacy in the 1920s. Early researchers discovered that the root and bark were rich in fatty acids and fatty acid esters, essential oils, plant sterols, triterpenes, and a new alkaloid which they named muira puamine. Scientists resumed researching the plant's constituents and pharmacological properties in the late 1960s and continued into the late 1980s.These studies indicated that the active constituents also included free Iong-chainfatty acids, sesquiterpenes, monoterpenes, and novel alkaloids.

Sexual stimulant

In one of the studies, researchers indicated that muira puama was effective in treating disorders of the nervous system and sexual impotence, and that permanent effect is produced in locomotor ataxia, neuralgias of long standing, chronic rheumatism, and partial paralysis. In 1930, Meiro Penna wrote about muira puama in his book Notas Sobre Plantas Brasilerias. He cited physiological and therapeutic experiments conducted in France by Dr. Rebourgeon that confirmed the efficacy of the plant for "gastrointestinal and circulatory asthenia and impotency of the genital organs."

The benefits of treating impotence with muira puama have been studied in two human trials in France, which reported that muira puama was effective in improving libido and treating erectile dysfunction. in Paris, France, study among 262 male patients who experienced lack of sexual desire and the inability to attain or maintain an erection; 62% of the patients with loss of libido reported that the extract of muira puama "had a dynamic effect", and 51 % of patient with erectile dysfunction feIt that muira puama was beneficial.

The second study evaluated positive psychological benefits of muira puama in 100 men with male sexual asthenia. The therapeutic dosage was 1.5 g of a muira puama extract daily. In their final report, researchers indicated muira puama could enhance libido, increase the frequency of intercourse and improve the ability to maintain an erection.

Restore stamina

In other recent clinical research, muira puama extracts have been reported to have in vivo adaptogenic, anti-fatigue, anti-stress and CNS effects in humans and animals. A specially prepared extract from the root of muira puama has been patented for its ability to 'relieve physical and mental fatigue" and for "ameiiorating a weakened constitution.' Researchers in Brazil documented a definite CNS effect of the bark in studies with mice.

The bark of muira puama also has demonstrated a mild, short—lived, hypotensive effect. The root was found to inhibit stress-induced ulcers, while the leaf demonstrated analgesic effect. Another U.S. patent has been tiled on muira puama citing that it can reduce body fat percentage, increase lean muscle mass and lower cholesterol" in humans and animals long-term use (and with no toxicity noted). Toxicity studies with mice also indicated no toxic effects.

While so-called aphrodisiacs have come and gone in history, Muira puama has retained its stature and may as well provide one of the more effective natural therapeutic approaches for erectile function and libido enhancement. Before trying to self-treat, however, men should always seek the advice of a health practitioner (if erectile dysfunction or impotency is a problem); this often can be an early warning of vascular insufficiency and/or heart conditions.

Properties of Vega Power

Vega Power Capsules Contain a well-balanced combination of Eve active materials known for their effects on the physical, biological and sexual activities.


For enhancement of biological function and sexual activity


1 - 2 capsule daily


Zinc is an important trace element in
the human body. Zinc deficiency can
directly impair human health. liens
Zinc Supplement is a nutritional
supplement which supplements zinc
essential to the human body.

The following must be known about trace elements


Minerals are large family of nutrients essential to the human body, aIthough some of them are present in the body in very small percentages, probably several parts per million, they are designated as essential trace elements because most of them are the core elements of thousands of enzymes displaying various functions or acting as catalysts for certain enzymes. They are also important component of hormones and certain factors with special physiological functions.


Think Zinc! This slogan comes to mind as l bring this section. Zinc has many important functions and potential uses that both doctors and patients should think of zinc more often for handling many day-to-day problems. Zinc deficiency is fairly common now as a result of soil losses and losses' in food processing. And this deficiency or depletion can product a variety of symptoms.

More than 50 years ago, in 1934, zinc essential was first suggested. Not until the early 1960s, however, was it known that low intake or low body stores of zinc could cause deficiency symptoms. In recent years, since the discovery that this minerals is becoming less available in our soil thus in our food chain, zinc has been given more attention and increased research has produced much new information. We now know that zinc indeed is probably implicated in more flan 100 enzymes and is probably involved in more body functions than any other minerals. It is important in normal growth and development, the maintenance of body tissues, sexual function. the immune system and detoxification of chemicals and metabolic irritants. Carbohydrates metabolism is influenced by zinc, and zinc is needed in the synthesis of DNA, which aids our body's healing process. Zinc is often helpful in reducing healing time after surgery or burns, in many male prostate problems, in skin disease and in many other difficulties.

Zinc is found in the body in small amounts, only about 2-2.5 grams total of the minerals. It is second in concentration to iron, with 33 ppm to iron's 60ppm.

( AIthough fluoride is found at 37 ppm in the. average human body, it is still questionable whether it -is essential. This 37 ppm is also a result of the use of fluoridate water, vitamins and stannous fluoride toothpaste) Though zinc is the twenty-fifth most abundant element in the- earth's crust measuring about 0.01 percent, it is water soluble both in the soil and food. Rains can wash zinc (as well as iodine, sulfur and selenium) from our farming soils as can modern agricuItural techniques. When we cook food, much of the zinc may go into water as do other minerals and vitamins, so the cooking liquids especially from vegetables should be

consumed as well. More importantly when foods are processed as in the refining of grains much of the zinc is lost along with manganese, chromium molybdenum and 8 vitamins. Usually, only iron and sometimes vitamins 81 and 82 are added back in enriched foods (and this iron isn't even in the usable form).Adding zinc, manganese, chromium and more 8 vitamins such as 86 would be much better and help us avoid common deficiencies.

Zinc absorption may vary from about 20-40 percent of ingested zinc, depending mainly on body needs and stomach acid concentration. Like iron, zinc from animal foods where it is bound with proteins has been shown to be better absorbed. When bound with the phytates or oxalates found in grain and vegetables less zinc is absorbed. Calcium, phosphorous, copper, iron, lead and cadmium all compete with zinc for absorption. Milk and eggs reduces zinc absorption. Fiber food bran and hydrates, found mainly the outer covering of grains may also inhibit zinc absorption. Phytic acid may combine with the zinc in the upper intestine before this mineral can be absorbed.

The zinc cadmium relationship is interesting. Cadmium is considered a potentially toxic heavy metal. When it contaminates our food it is found in the center of grain: Zinc is found mainly in the grain covering .So eating whole grains, which have a higher amount of zinc than of cadmium will reduce any possible absorption of cadmium. With the refining of grains into flour, the zinc-cadmium ration is decreased and cadmium is more likely to be absorbed and cause problems.

I In the human body, the 2.5 grams of zinc are stored in a variety of tissues. It is most concentrated in the prostate and semen which suggests zinc's tie to male sexual function (impotence can be related to low zinc). The next most concentrated tissue is the retina of the eye, heart, spleen, lungs brain and adrenal gland. The skin contains a high amount of zinc but it is less concentrated than in the organ tissues. Nails, hair and teeth also have some zinc, and this minerals is important to those tissues as well. Zinc is eliminated through the gastrointestinal tract in the feaces. Some is also eliminated in the urine. Alcohol use increases urinary losses of zinc. Zinc is also lost in the sweat, possibly as much a 2-3mg, in a day. Stress, burns, surgery and weight loss all seems to increase body losses of zinc.

In evaluating body zinc status, plasma or serum zinc levels may not reflect body (stores however, if they are low, Zinc is likely deficient.' Low hair levels appear to reflect zinc deficiency, which then should be sustained through a blood test. High hair zinc levels may also be seen with zinc deficiency, though this is not as correlative as low hair levels. In general, the blood cell (or white blood cell) measurement of zinc may be most indicative of the body's true status of zinc nature.

SOURCES: Most animal foods contain adequate amounts of zinc. Oysters are particularly high with more than ten times as much as other sources (they are also high in copper and possibly, in ocean polluting chemicals and metals). Zinc is added to animal feeds to increase growth rates, so meat usually contains high amounts. Red meats (beef, lamb and pork) and liver are fairly high; herring is good as are egg (yokes and milk products, though the zinc in eggs and milk products may not be as

available to the body as that found in other sources). Other fish and pouItry also contain fair zinc levels with iron. The zinc in animals' foods seems to be better absorbed than that in the vegetable sources, but one can reduce meat foods and eat whole grains and beans and still obtain adequate zinc. Overall, though, in my experience it is not easy for most people eating a relatively healthy diet to obtain the minimum requirement of 15mg daily unless they focus on zinc containing foods.

Whole grains such as whole wheat, rye and oats are rich in zinc and are good sources for vegetarians. Even though the minerals from these foods is utilized less well because the fiber and phytates in the grain covering bind some zinc in the gastrointestinal tract, much of the zinc in these foods is still available to the body. Nuts are fairly good sources with pecans and Brazil nuts the highest. Pumpkin seeds contain zinc and are thought to be helpful to the prostate gland. 'Ginger root is good zinc source as is mustard, chili powder, and black pepper. In general, fruits and vegetables are not good zinc sources; aIthough peas. carrots, beefs and cabbage contain some zinc.

The zinc in grain is found mainly in the germ and bra covering so refining them will lower the zinc content. Approximately 80 percent of zinc are lost in making white flour from whole wheat since zinc is lost. Zinc is soluble in water, canning foods or cooking in water can cause zinc losses. Zinc losses have also be prevalent in agricuItural soils and it is therefore less available in foods. Chemical fertilizers also decrease soil zinc levels. Many soils -nearly 30 states in the United-States are deficient in zinc. Water especially from some well contain zinc. Water was better sources when some of the water pipes were galvanized (containing zinc) as well as some cooking pots. Now water pipes are more commonly made of copper which can become toxic at higher levels.


Zinc is involved in a muItitude of human body functions and is part of many enzyme system with regard to metabolism. Zinc is part of alcohol dehydrogenate which helps the liver detoxify alcohols including ethanol (drinking alcohol) methanol, Ethanol glycol and retinol (vitamin A). Zinc is also thought to help utilize and maintain body levels of vitamins A. Through this action, zinc may help maintain healthy skin cells and thus may be helpful in generating new skin after burns or injury. By helping

collagen formation, zinc may also improve wound healing. Zinc aids the skin's oil glands and so may help in acne problems.

TianShi Zinc Capsules


Acne Surgery

Boils Wound healing

Psonasis Skin Ulcers

Gastric Ulcers Immune Suppression

Sore Throats Prostrate Congestion

Colds Benign Prostatic

Anorexia Nervosa Hypertrophy

Hypertension Male Sexual Problems

Cataracts Infertility

Infections Pregnancy

Alcoholism Decreased Hearing

Schizophrenia Fatigue

Environmental sensitivity Weak Muscles


· Diet: low in zinc or high in copper: alcohol or phosphates all of which bind zinc in the intestines and reduce absorption: food grown in low-zinc soils.
· Aging: when zinc absorption and intake are often reduced
· Pregnancy: when zinc needs are increased
· Growth periods: infancy, especially with increased copper intake levels and for those on low-zinc formulas: puberty, especially in adolescent boys.
· Birth control pills: use of these increases copper levels and thus reduces zinc.
· Premenstrual symptoms associated with low zinc.
· Increased copper intake high copper intake in water, food or supplements will reduce zinc.
· Fasting or starvation causes zinc depletion and increases need due to tissue healing.
· Serious ilIness or injury causes zinc depletion and increases need due to tissue healing
· Hospitalization stress of ilIness or treatment particularly intravenous therapy without zinc supplementation
· Stress increases zinc uses and needs
· Burns increases need for tissue healing and dealing with stress
· Acute or chronic infections greater requirements from stress and for healing.
· Surgery increased requirements for dealing with stress and for healing
· Alcoholism often associates with low zinc intake and higher need; alcohol flushes zinc from the liver causing increased losses.
· Diuretic therapy may cause extra zinc losses.
· Psoriasis rapid skin activity may deplete zinc
· Parasites caused zinc depletion and poor absorption
· Mal-absorption form pancreatic insufficiency or after gastrointestinal surgery.
· Cirrhosis zinc levels may be half of normal.
· Renal disease cause increased zinc
· Chronic disease metabolic and debilitating disease such as cancer
· Athletics increased zinc Iosses in sweat.
· Cadmium toxicity interfere with zinc absorption and utilization.

Other problems associated with low zinc levels are peptic ulcer, pernicious anemia cystic fibrosis and mongolism. Zinc deficiency is very likely more common and more complex than previously thought. It was first identified in lran and Egypt in 1961 in male dwarfs with slow growth and poor sexual development. The unleavened bread that is a staple in the diet there is high in the phytates that bind zinc and a type of clay used for cooking in lran also ties up zinc. Zinc treatment was found to help these conditions stimulating growth and sexual development.Aging is one of the main factors in zinc deficiency. However some recent

environmental changes have also contributed to the deficiency problem. Soil losses and losses due to food processing are two of the main factors in zinc depletion in food. With the change from iron and zinc-containing water pipes ones, not only is zinc intake decreased but the additional copper interferes further with zinc absorption. The average diet, especially one with low protein intake supplies only 8-11 mg daily (the RDA for aduIts is 15mg).

In general, both infants and adolescent have zinc deficiency as do the elderly and women often due to low intake. With the average American diet, we need to eat about 3.400 calories to obtain our 15mg of zinc and most people do not eat that much. Good quality food is needed and therefore poor people are more likely to experience zinc shortages.

The subject of our diet and zinc deficiency is an important one. The all-too-typical advanced technology anti-nature diet that is high-refined grains, fat, sugar, convenience food and fried meat are often low in zinc and many other important trace minerals trace and B vitamins. Also, strict vegetarians and consumers of much grain and little animal protein may not obtain sufficient zinc.


Zinc Lactate
Egg Protein Powder

The amount of zinc added to Tiens Zinc Supplements is in line with the nutrients in daily diet recommended by National Nutrition Society. Each capsule contains zinc 0.8-1.2mg. Considering the fact that the simuItaneous in-take of zinc reinforced food and protein can facilitate the absorption of zinc, Tiens Zinc Supplement chose the lactic zinc, protein powder and glucose as the main ingredients. Lactic Zinc: Water solvent zinc is rare; zinc chloride, though solvent, is too offending to the bodily organs and can be applied for internal use, but it is offending to the stomach membrane and can induce nausea. Therefore mentioned zinc can't be used as zinc supplement. That is why Tiens choose lactic zinc as the main zinc supplement. Lactic zinc as an organic was once used internally to treat epilepsy. Meanwhile, it is produced by biological inducing method, having a high rate of absorption, without the pernicious effects of phytate and phytic acid. It is the ideal product on the market as the best zinc supplement.

Protein Powder:

- To facilitate zinc absorption.
- Used as stuffer.

Glucose-sugar: It has no factors which can affect the zinc, absorption. It uses glucose as the main carrier of zinc supplement and has a higher rate of absorption than other food. The supplement has much to contribute towards the improvement in the quality of life of the world’s population.


* It prevents slow growth (stunted growth)
* It prevents malformation of fetus (pregnant women)
* It prevents blocked hormone secretion
* It prevents poor sexual functions ("boost weak libido)
* It prevents hair loss and baldness
* It prevents diarrhea, anorexia, low intelligent quotient and acne
* It improves eye sight (correction from the choroids and retina)
* It reduces pimples
* It increases appetite
* It prevents infertility
*It improves body tissues skin, hair, blood, skeleton, liver, finger nails, kidney,pancreas, muscles and almost all tissue and visceral organs
* It boosts and regulates the immune function of the body
* Zinc is useful for BIZARRE CASES
* Helps in internal healing of body tissues and organs
* Prevents schizophrenia
* Prevents senile Dementia
* Prevents learning disabilities
* Prevents toxemia of pregnancy
* Prevents anorexia nervosa
* Helps in diabetes mellitus control
* Prevents delayed menstruation
* Prevents hormonal imbalances
*Prevents skin problems e.g. acne, dermatitis, dispersed eczema etc.

TianShi Zinc Capsules

Tianshi Lecithin + CaIcium added with Lecithin, taurine, muItivitamin and folic acid, contains zymolytic bone calcium powder, which is prepared by processing fresh OX bone with
bioengineering technology and by extraction


Lecithin in is a component of a number of foods, and it is widely attributed with certain positive effects on one's health. Many of the positive effects of lecithin consumption are based on the fact that lecithin is a major source of choline. Choline is a lipotropic substance which functions in the body's metabolism as an agent that aids in the digestion of fats. It is believed that choline helps the body to burn fat, and thereby

acts as an aid in supporting weight loss. As choline increases fat metabolism it has been shown that it lowers blood cholesterol. As it is commonly known, wide range of health problems are connected to blood cholesterol levels deemed too high. High blood cholesterol leads to a congestion of blood vessels and therefore is often an important factor in heart attacks and strokes.

As it supports fat metabolism and has been shown to aid in bringing down high blood cholesterol levels, lecithin can be considered a food component that protects against heart attack and stroke.

Lecithin is a lipid that is required by every single cell in your body. The cell membranes in the body are composed largely of lecithin. These membranes handle the flow of nutrients in and out of the cell. The protective sheaths around the brain are also made of lecithin. Muscles and nerve cells also use lecithin. Lecithin is used to: prevent arteriosclerosis, protect against cardiovascular disease, improve brain function, increase energy levels, repair damage from alcoholism, help indigestion of fats, aging, immune system disorders, AIDS, herpes and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Lecithin (nervous, Circulatory) is a fat like substance called a phospholipids. It is produced daily by the liver if the diet is adequate. It is needed by every cell in the body and is a key building block of cell membranes; without it, they would harden.

Lecithin protects cells from oxidation and largely comprises the protective sheaths surrounding the brain. It is composed mostly of B vitamins, phosphoric acid, choline, linoleic acid and inositol. Although it is a fatty substance it is also a fat emulsifier. Hence, it supports the circulatory system. Its choline is useful for making acetylcholine. Tiens Lecithin is hermetically sealed in capsules. No carrier has been added, and freshness is guaranteed.

Choline also is a part of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. A sufficient intake of choline, primarily via the consumption of lecithin is believed to have. A positive effect on some mental function, especially those connected to memory. As mentioned above, lecithin is among the best sources of choline. Lecithin that is sold as supplement, is usually being extracted from soya beans. Another prime source of lecithin is egg yolk. Choline is manufactured by the body from the amino acid glycine.

Eggs of course, have a long standing reputation to support sex functions. The reason may be the lecithin content of egg yolk, and lecithin not only is a precursor to choline but also a component in sperm. Actors in porn movies allegedly consume lecithin (either eggs or in the form of lecithin supplements) to make sure that they discharge impressive sperm load when the movie's director requests this.

Lecithin is manufactured in the body by choline and inositol. Lecithin is high in phosphorus and unites with iron, iodine and calcium to give power and vigor to the brain. A lack of lecithin can cause forgetfulness, digestive problems, intolerance to nausea, hypertension, joint and muscle problems (bursitis cramps and soreness).

Lecithin is a must to supplement in any person's diet because it is used a lot by your body everyday. It also helps with the absorption of fat soluble vitamins. Lecithin also enables fat like cholesterol to be dispersed in water and then removed from your body.

In Europe, it has been used to treat hepatitis, alcoholic hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver.



* Zymolytic bone calcium powder
* Lecithin (choline) sourced from soya and egg
* Cyclodextrin
* Vitamins C,B1, B12
* FolicAcid
* Taurine,Tanrine


· Prevents Hyperthyroidism
· Prevents indigestion
· Prevents Liver disease
· Prevents Memory Problem
· Prevents Meniere's disease
· Prevent & Mercury poisoning
· Prevents Mitral Valve Prolapse
· Prevents Obesity
· Prevents Overweight
· Prevents Parkinson's disease
· Prevents Pre-menstrual Syndrome (PMS)
· Prevents Stress
· Prevents Tardive dyskinesia
· Prevents Tourette's syndrome


· Intolerance to Nausea
· Joint and Muscular problems
· Bursitis, cramps and soreness
· Prevents cell oxidations
· Supports circulation of blood
· Prevents heart attack
· Prevents stroke/partial paralysis
· It helps in sperm load & charge
· Enhances sexual performance
· Break through the brain barrier easily thereby enhancing increased cerebral functioning
and maintain a high level of mental concentration.

Lecithin + Calcium Capsules

The effective ingredient of Tiens Chitosan Capsules is Chitosan (powder) 350mg and every capsule contains no less than 144mg of deacetylation


Chitosan is an amazing fat absorbing dietary fiber. It’s an all-natural product derived from the shells of shrimp, red footed crabs and other shellfish. It has the unique ability to attach itself to fats in the stomach before they are metabolized, trapping the fat thereby preventing their absorption into the digestive track. Rather than being absorbed, the fat is eliminated from the body.

Neutralizing fat, spares the body from having to deal with the fat. Studies have shown that Chitosan helped reduce the bad cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood while increasing the good HDL cholesterol. This dietary fiber is a valuable addition to properly balanced weight management programme. Chitosan also provides important cleansing attributes, which aid in the digestive process and promote digestive track health.

Chitosan has been used for over two decades without side effects. However, persons who are allergic to or have experienced allergic reactions to shellfish should not take Chitosan.

According to a government report on weight control, being overweight increases your chances of developing heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoarthritis, gout and certain cancers. If you are overweight, losing as much as to 10 percent of your body weight may improve many of the problems linked to being overweight. Chitosan is also known to help in the reduction of heavy metals from the body.

Once activated in the stomach, chitosan binds with some fatty acids and carries them through the digestive system without being absorbed. This helps reduce the amount of calories digested by the body. Some studies have shown that chitosan can attract and hold 6 times its weight in fat for safe elimination, with proper use as a dietary supplement, diet and exercise. chitosan works with your body and can be effective in helping to eliminate excess fat from your diet, supporting healthy weight loss and maintaining healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

As a dietary supplement, Chitosan has been marketed for over 20 years in Europe Japan as a "fat blocker". When combined with a sensible diet and moderate exercise, Chitosan can work with your body to help eliminate unwanted fat.


This is the most prevalent functional food at present. It is a natural health care source derived from the hard outer integument of marine invertebrates, anthropoids and especially the red-footed crab. Due to its unique physiological function of inhibiting the aging of cells, strengthening of immunological functions, promoting rehabilitation and adjustment of metabolic processes it is now widely known as a functional food.

It is technologically advanced product achieved by integrating the research efforts of 13 universities, over 1.000 scientists and lasting 10 years at an expense of US$100M dollars.



1. What is chintin-chitosan?

Chitin is a strait chain biopolymer with a structure similar to that of cellulose, consisting of 1,000 - 3,000 units of N-acety-D-gIucosamine in the form of an amorphous polysaccharide. Chitosan is the partially deacylated chitin with 65%- 99% deacetylation, but the 85% deacylated content is most suitable as food. Thus, the partially deacylated product is commonly called chitin-chitosan.

2. Chitin is widely distributed in nature and can be found in the following living


a. The exoskeletons of marine crustaceans, especially the red-footed crab.

b. The outer shell and skeleton of Mollusca

c. The outer skeleton of arthropods

d. Cell walls of fungi and yeast.


1. Can be degraded by various enzymes in the human body. It can be degraded by lysozyme, kitonase and lecitinase in cow milk to form low molecular weight polymers with six units of glucosamine most suitable for the adjustment of physiological functions in the human body.

2. In acidic solvents it dissolves to form positively charged cations, because chitosan contains amino groups in its structure it is basic in nature and can form salts with acids, such as the formation of hydrochloride with HCI in the Stomach. R-NH, + HCl R-NH3+Cl-

3. High affinity to cells: The basic unit in chitin-chitosan – N-acetyl-glucosamine is also an important component of hyaluronic acid, which shows a high affinity to cells without being rejected.

4. Asinion of chitin-chitosan takes the form of a. colloidal gel with a rather strong absorptive capacity.

5. It is a natural fibrous substance being nontoxic and free from any adverse side effects.

6. Its target organs are not limited to any specified visceral organ but it affects the body as a whole.


1. High purity, with 85% deacylation: It is most suited for the absorption of toxic wastes in the body.

The degraded product with 6 units of glucosamine is the most efficient low molecular weight component and shows the most antineoplastic activity.

2. A high affinity to viable cells in the body. Due to the fact that fibrous germinating cells which form the skin can grow continuously on chitin chitosan, itis safe as sucrose.

3. As it is extracted from the outer integument of crabs, it forms a cationic fibrous food, which is also suitable for vegetarians.

4. It is stable, non-hygroscopic and always exhibits a consistent effect through its actions.


As chitin-chitosan is a fibrous food, it shares the common properties of fibrous foods in that it can absorb water, with a swelling, wetting action and is easily dispersed to exhibit strong absorptive power. It cannot be digested for absorption, but helps to promote the peristalsis (movements) ofthe intestinal tract, increasing the volume of the bowels, shortening the time for passage of wastes through the intestine and lower abdominal areas. It also prevents the occurrence of colorectal cancer. It does however differ from ordinary fibrous foods because it can be partially digested and absorbed by the action of enzymes to exercise its unique therapeutic effect.


Independent research done by a famous professor at the Tottori University in Tokyo, Japan he transplanted some cancer cells into certain animals to develop skin carcinomia in these animals. He then divided the infested animals into two groups. One group was given chitin-chitosan and the other group was kept as the control. The result of the study showed that the treated group has no trace of cancer cells and recovered to normal health, while the control group which did not receive chitin-chitosan all died.

In Clinical trials; chitin-chitosan produced satisfactory results. The mechanisms of anti-neoplastic action of chitin-chitosan are:

1. Inhibitions of toxins produced by cancer cells. Patients usually experience a decrease in body weight due to cancer. This is as a result of the toxic substance released from cancer cells lowering the iron content in blood and causing anemia. This is followed by the decomposition of fats in the body causing anorexia. Patients suffering from cancer showed an increase in appetite after the administration of chitin—chitosan, because it is decomposed to form groups of small molecules that are absorbed by the intestines to inhibit the formation of toxins.

2. Vitalizes the activity of lymphocytes that can kill cancer cells.In our bodies, there are larger amounts of lymphocytes such as NK and LAK cells. They can differentiate normal cell from cancerous .cells and kill the latter. They are most effective in alkaline pH. Chitosan pushes the pH to about 7.4 and they exhibit the strongest killing effect then. The pH value near the vicinity of cancerous cells usually tends to be slightly acidic, which retards the vitality of lymphocytes. Chitin-chitosan has the tendency to increase the PH value of the surrounding area by approximately 0.5% to create an environment suitable for lymphocytes to perform their functions.

3. Inhibits metastasis (transfer) of cancer cells. The metastasis of cancer cells is a process that must be carried out via the blood vessels on the surface of the endothelial cells of the blood vessels there are certain agents known as causal agents. Cancer cells must, firstly adhere to this agent and then transfer the disease from its primary focus to a distant one through the blood vessel or lymph channel. Chitin-Chitosan can adhere to the casual agents on the endothelial surface, thus preventing metastasis.


People usually become weary when talking about cholesterol. It is usually considered a primary cause of heart diseases, myocardial infarction and arteriosclerosis. Actually it also plays an indispensable role in the human body. It forms an important component of the brain, nerves, sex hormones and cell membranes. Cholic acid essential for digestion and absorption of fat is also derived from cholesterol. Therefore, as long as the cholesterol level is kept at an acceptable norm in the body, it has a positive effect but once it becomes excessive, it may accumulate on the vessel walls to hinder blood circulation causing arteriosclerosis. Chitin-Chitosan has the function of adjusting the excessive cholesterol to normal levels by:

1. Hindering the absorption of cholesterol by the body: Cholesterol present in thefood must be converted to cholesterol esters by cholesterol enzymes before it can be absorbed by the body but the enzymes in turn must have a sufficient amount of bile acid surrounding the cholesterol. Chitin-Chitosan can easily combine with the bile acid resulting in the complete exhaustion of the enzymes, thus the cholesterol cannot be converted into its esters to be absorbable.

2. Hinders the absorption of fat. As chitin-chitosan is a positively charged cation, it can accumulate around the negatively charged oily drops (fat) forming barrier to hinder the absorption of the fat. Even if the fat present is absorbed, the chitin-chitosan which is absorbed at the same time will greatly decrease the amount of fat stored. Furthermore, the fatty matter is not present as a single entity in the blood stream, it must be combined 'with cholesterol or protein particles. Thus, with the decrease of fat in the blood, the amount of cholesterol is also lowered.

3. Promotes the conversion of cholesterol: Bile acid is an important component present in the digestive fluid formed by cholesterol in the liver and is stored in the gall bladder. When it accomplishes its 'task of fat digestion and absorption, it returns to the gall bladder. Due to the fact that bile acid is combined with the chitin-chitosan, it IS totally excreted from the body and its reserves in the gall bladder can only be maintained by the conversion of cholesterol in the liver, thus resulting in a lowered level of cholesterol.


Ingestion of sodium chloride may cause the elevation of blood pressure, but recent studies have shown that the elevation of blood pressure is only related to the chloride, chlorine component, while the sodium part is without blame. Chloride in common salt can activate enzymes causing the conversion of angiotensinogen to angiotensin. As chitin-chitosan is a cationic dietary fiber. It can combine with the Chloride anion in common salt and be excreted with faeces therefore, the blood pressure does not become elevated.


Clinical trials showed that chitin-chitosan is very effective for diabetic patients.

Scientists' of Tokyo University carried out experiments by preparing an animal feed containing chitin-chitosan. Two separate groups of animals were used: one group was fed normal feed and the other special feed. The result of the study showed that the diabetic animals feeding on chitin-chitosan has a lower blood sugar value than those feeding on ordinary food and their urine sugar was brought under control during the progress of Diabetes Mellitus.


A three-year old boy from Sakhalin, Russia has 80% burns and was hospitalized for emergency treatment at the end of 1990. He was treated with artificial skin made from chitin-chitosan. Several months afterwards the boy recovered dramatically and his scars were healed. The reason for this miraculous effect was:

1. Treatment with artificial skin made of chitin-chitosan causes no rejection by the body. As this rejection may cause a series of unpleasant after effect.

2. Stick a piece of artificial skin on the wound and the body will adhere to this skin; the bandage can later be removed without reopening the wound.

3. Chitin - Chitosan has an action of vitalizing cell activity to produce large amount of collagenous fibers for the rapid formation of new skin without leaving any scars.

4. Chitin-Chitosan has no homeostatic activities to prevent bleeding or hemorrhaging of the actual wound.


Research studies showed the chitin-chitosan has an excellent therapeutic effect in the treatment of liver disorders. When experimental animals were fed with foods containing a high percentage of cholesterol, they usually developed fatty livers and hepatitis showing a carmine red appearance due to the elevation of cholesterol and neutral fat in their blood. If they were fed with chitin-chitosan at the same time, then their liver remained the original dark brown colour and appeared to be very healthy.

Chitosan improves the acidic condition to develop a healthy body that is not vulnerable to disease. The pH value is always maintained at a slightly basic level of about 7.4, this is because hemoglobin in the erythrocytes can act as a buffer at 7.35. Therefore, it is generally understood that body fluid should be slightly basic; otherwise it would be easy to get sick. With the exception of blood, all other fluid contains no hemoglobin to offer a buffer action. On the other hand, a certain amount of CO2 produced by muscular exercise may flow into body fluid surrounding the muscle cells and cause an acidic condition in the body fluid. In such a condition, the functions of Lymphatic cells to maintain a normal immunological function can be lowered leading to the possible development of various diseases.


Environmental pollution, which causes a lot of health problems in human is ever increasing nowadays with the advancement of modern scientific achievements. Eth most well-known is the harmful effects of heavy metals. For example, cadmium poisoning can cause ostealgia and mercury may cause toxic symptoms characterized by peppery taste in the mouth, excessive salivation, loss of teeth, sponginess of the gums and ulceration within the mouth and marked emaciation which cannot be cured by modern medical means. The only approach is to reply on the absorption power of chitin-chitin for it effective excretion of these heavy metals.


In traditional Chinese medical practice much attention is placed on the state of micro-circulation. The concept of blood stasis and an unbalanced humeral equilibrium is based on this. Blood stasis is a disease that occurs due to the impeded flow of the essence of life known as the “qi” (energy). In the case of inadequate blood flow and tumor, the body temperature may lower causing a chilly feeling. This may result in lumbago and back pain due to the insufficient supply of oxygen. By means of dilating capillaries to increase micro-circulation such can be easily overcome.


· As a detoxifier, it helps to clean poisonous elements from our body
· Reduce radiation pollution effects
· Fights serious constipation
· It prevents colorectal cancer
· Inhibit poisons produced by cancer cells, thus prevent iron deficiency, anemia and loss of body weights. Also increase appetite of cancer patients.
· Revitalizes the lymphocytes (white blood cells) that kills cancer cells
· Inhibits metastasis (transfer) of cancer cells
· Hinders the excess absorption of cholesterol in the body
· Lowers blood sugar thus preventing and controlling Diabetic Mellitus
· Hasten the healing of burns, scalding and trauma
· Relieves lumbago and back pain
· Strengthens the liver
· Has anti-cancer properties thus kills cancer cells
· Helps to reduce fat and excess weight
· Helps to cleanse heavy metal and deposited toxins in the body
· Has high cells affinity, hence useful for burns
· Forms artificial skin without any scar

Tiens Vitality Softgel Capsules is a foodsupplement consisting ofwheat plumule
oil lecithin and carotene, with 30 capsules
in each bottle. Wheat plumule oil contains
linoleic acid, linolenic acid, vitamin E
and octacosanol, etc


Sea buckthorn grows as a wild hardy bush on the poor soils of northern China, in the area of the Gobi desert. The climate there is very harsh, windy and dry with wildly fluctuating temperature changes from 40 degrees F at night to over 100 degrees F the day.

The local inhabitants of northwest China, where sea buckthorn grows wild surprised Tianshi's researchers by their healthy and smooth skin despite this regions extreme temperature changes, harsh wind, and a very dry climate. You would expect the people to have the dry, wrinkled skin under these conditions, but in spite of the severe environment, the local Chinese people. enjoy healthy, smooth skin. Their healthy skin relies greatly on the inclusion of sea buckthorn seed oil in their diet.

This products came from or was extracted from the sea buckthorn seed oil. It helps to fight free radicals and supports the body's Natural defense mechanism. Naturally occurring calcium in this oil also assist at maintaining healthy bones and healthy skin, working from the inside out.

This oil also supports the proper functioning of the digestive system and promotes a healthy looking complexion and healthy looking hair.

Chinese herbal tradition teaches that smooth silky skin is a result of a healthy well balanced digestive system (spleen and kidneys). The main ingredients in this product is sea buckthorn seed oil (wheat plumule) a natural formulation of vitamins E, C, fatty acid, Omega 3 and calcium. This precious oil has been refined with modern technology to create TIENS VITALITY SOFTGEL, which works by enhancing the complexion and the heart through the proper support of the digestive system.

Traditional Chinese health care sees the spleen as the energy source of the body after birth. It dominates the digestive system, absorbs and assimilates the nutrients from food to replenish the kidneys. Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that smooth healthy skin is the result of a healthy digestive system. People suffering from indigestion, unhealthy hair, hair loss, poor complexion. and prematurely aging skin, should tone both the spleen and the kidneys with our Energy Balanced Healthy Skin with Antioxidants.

In addition, 11 essential trace minerals and flavonoids are found in its oil. All of these are powerful antioxidants. Experimental results indicate that sea buckthorn seed oil can eliminate free radicals, reduce blood fat, and support the immune system, thereby prolonging the life span. It also improves general body condition by strengthening endurance and memory, and benefits the skin, As a result, sea buckthorn seed oil has come to be known as "soft gold". his natural treasure has been refined with modern technology to bring you a product that will enhance your complexion and hair by supporting the proper function of your digestive system.Tianshi applies state of the art technology in their cutting edge facilities to extract this high quality essence from the seeds, then further purifies the oil before presenting them to you in this treasured blend.

VITALITY SOFTGEL is specially designed for people who want their skin, complexion and hair to look their healthiest.

* Wheat plumule oil,
* Lecithin
* B carotene

Long time experimental studies proved that wheat plumule oil extracted from wheatgerm is rich in vitamin E, linoleic acid, linolenic acid, octacosanol and some minorun identified bio-active elements. It is a functional lipoid with high nutritional value,especially its vitamin E content which is ranked at the top of all vegetable oils.The octacosanol in wheat plumule oil is helpful in increasing the adaptability and tolerance of the human body, at the same time it fortifies the loading power of the heart to increase its ability to tolerate anoxia. Vitamin E is also important to human health, deficiency of this vitamin may cause anemia in some people. In women, its deficiency may cause excessive pigmentation causing the formation of colored patches on the skin that greatly influences beauty. When sufficient vitamin E is supplied, one can always keep sober, comfortable and tireless in environments where the air is very thin. Vitamin E has an anti-peroxidation function which maintains the integrity of cells, regulates the synthesis of certain mediators in the body that improves vascular permeability, prevents arteriosclerosis, cerebral hemorrhages, myocardial infarction and angina pectoris. At the same time, it can increase cell activities in the main visceral organs of the body such as the heart, liver and kidneys.

Lecithin is the main component of cell membranes present in the visceral organs and cells of the various tissues, it is known as the basic substance of life with the following 6 main functions: preventing senile dementia, improving memory: promoting the formation of cerebral cells in the fetus: effective prevention of fatty liver, a natural cosmetic; and improves blood circulation to the limbs. Lecithin acts synergistically with vitamin E and thus each acts more effectively in the presence of the other to achieve a higher health care result.

Vitality Softgel Capsules

* It enhances sexual function
* It empowers the heart with ability to intolerant Anoxia
* It gives maximum nutritional support in maintaining healthy, vibrant, youthful skin (tissue) inside out.
* As an anti-oxidants, it removes free radical.
* It boosts the immune system.
* It also improves the maintenance of healthy bones
* It improves the overall body condition
* It purifies the skin, maintains a healthy and vibrant complexion
* It also prevents hair loss, poor complexion & premature aging skin
* It improves memory and strengthens Endurance
* Heals burns and dermatitis when applied externally.
* Relieves chronic stomach ulcers
* Prevents thrombosis
* It stimulates and maintains the balancing of the hormonal system
* Prevents arteriosclerosis.
* It prevents menopause, (reverses menopause)
* It prevents the inflammation of the Joints known as arthritis
* Prevents hair breakage
* It prevents old age and related diseases (Senile Dementia)


Tiens Cordyceps Mycelium Capsules are processed from cuItured cordyceps mycellium which is obtained through separation using advanced technologyEvery two capsules contain no less than 1.5mg of adenosine and no less than 60mg of mannitol

In traditional Chinese healthcare, the lungs are the organs responsible for your bodies defense system, and to provide energy since they absorb oxygen from the air to replenish the kidneys. Healthy and strong lungs replenish the kidneys by oxygenating the blood, which nourishes your body.
Tiens energy Balanced Immune system utilizes an active ingredient called Cordyceps, which takes 7 years to grow before it can be harvested. This amazing herb assists you in gaining a healthy functioning immune system, enhancing the efficiency of your lungs and giving you more energy.

Cordyceps Sinesis dates back to Genghis Khan, the famous warrior and founder of the largest empire in world history. Amazingly, Genghis Khan experiences his first defeat against soldiers and horses in a remote region of Southwest China. The local soldiers and their horses fought with more power and resilience than those of the mighty Khan. Later, it was discovered that the strength and stamina of his enemy was due to a native plant called Cordyceps Sinensis, which was part of their daily diet.
Cordyceps has been used for more than 1200 years, and like ginseng and pillose antler, cordyceps is one of the most precious. nourishing and revitalizing of all the Chinese herbs. An ancient Chinese proverb states. "better a bundle of cordyceps, than a cart of gold". Owing to its scarcity and high price, cordyceps are always been reserved exclusively for the emperor's indulgence and until recently it has been virtually unknown in the west. By taking this time tested Tiens energy Balanced Immune System herbal formulation, you .can strike at the 'Khans" of modern day Iife:- Pollution, stress and poor health habit which can weaken and compromise your health.

Cordyceps Sinensis is a famous and costly Chinese Traditional medicine. It is created when a type of fungus parasites the larvae of the Chongcao Bat-Moth and forms a fungus/Ianra composite body. The larva forms a cocoon in the winter and hibernates in the ground. Because the fruiting body of the fungus emerges from the head of the larva in the summertime and resembles a grass sprout, this medicine's
Chinese name means roughly "winter insect, summer grass".
Cordyceps Sinensis is found on high mountain peaks over 3,800metres above sea level. It is mainly produced in Nepal Himalayas, Tibet and Sichuan, Qinghaji, Xizang and Yunna provinces of China.
Practitioners of Chinese Traditional medicine believe that CORDYCEPS

SINENSIS has a sweet taste and a warm character, it enters through the kidney and king channels and enhances lung functioning, boosts the kidneys yang energy, increases essence, relieves coughing and lessens sputum. Chemical analysis has revealed that cordyceps sinensis contains protein, fats, vitamin B12, cordycepic- acid and ergosterol. Its clinical uses are in kidneys and lungs, poor vitality, impotence, spermatorrhea, asthma, aching back and knees, and general debility caused by long term illness. Cordyceps Sinesis can also be used as a treatment for coughing blood or bloody sputum caused by tuberculosis coughing and difficult breathing and cold or sudden sweating. Modern medical research has revealed that the cordycepicacid in Cordyceps Sinensis can relax the Bronchia and strengthen the adrenal glands. It is recorded in the "Historical annals of Swechuan" that cordyceps Sinesis is classed as a warm tonic agent and is highly effective at replenishing the essence and strengthening the body.

In recent years medical researchers have conducted many studies on Cordyceps Sinensis and some new discoveries have further expanded its scope as curative agent. Everyone knows that kananmycin and gentamicin are commonly used antibiotics that have a wide range of clinical applications. However, their fatal weakness is that they have side effects and are toxic to the kidneys. In several cases, acute kidney failure can lead to death. Therefore these antibiotics are termed "renal toxic antibiotics". The prominent kidney specialist Professor Li Shou Shin discovered that cordyceps sinesis can prevent the kidney damage caused by antibiotics and other drugs without blocking their antibiotic effect. This result provides a new safeguard measure to accompany the

use of renal toxic antibiotics.Hepatitis B is a grave threat to human health. It is estimated that in China 10% of thepopulation is infected with hepatitis B, which implied that over 100 million people are either suffering from hepatitis B or carry the hepatitis B virus. At present western and Chinese medicine offer several dozen methods oftreating hepatitis B but no method is satisfactorily effective. Even very costly interferon can deliver effectiveness of no greater than 25-50% and do little to prevent recurrence. Under the guidance of Professor Zioa Sudong, graduate student Wange Changcheng of the Shanghai Research institute for Digestive Disorders performed research on Hepatitis B viruses carrying surface molecules from peripheral blood Iymphocyctes the effect of cordyceps sinensis on the cellular immune function of patients with chronic hepatitis B. The result of this research prove that cordycep-s sinesis is able to enhance the cellular immune

function and that the lip polysacchandes contained in cordyceps sinensis are even more effective in this regard. Because these lip polysacchandes are able to effect greater than 53.5% negative conversion if HbeAg, and can affect 68.4% short term negative conversion of hepatitis B DNA, they must be able to replace interferon as a hepatitis B treatment.

Research conducted in Beijing has shown that most cases of cirrhosis of the liver occur in persons who are suffering from chronic hepatitis B. Depending on the degree of advancement of the hepatitis B and the pathological changes that have occurred in the Liver, cirrhosis may gradually appear in many cases. Cordyceps Sinesis and other Chinese traditional medicines can effectively arrest liver cirrhosis and can even reverse the progression of early stage cirrhosis.

Researcher Lin Ching Yuan of the research department of Veterans General Hospital in Taipei has announced that he has isolated an active component of Cordycep Sinensis that can stop the progression of immunoglobulin nephritis. Immunoglobulin nephritis is the most common form of neptrhitis in Asia and currently lacks an effective means of treatment. 20% of those suffering from this condition die of kidney failure Cordyceps Sinensis can stop this condition from worsening, and clinical trails have shown that it can also alleviate hematuria, albuminuria and edema.

1. It is a highly effective natural immune modulator. Its regulatory effects are twofold As an immune potentiator in immune deficient cases, but with appropriate suppressive action on hyper immune cases.

2. A natural antibiotic: cordyceps sinensis shows bacteriostatic action against several pathogenic bacteria such as pneumococcus, streptococcus staphacolococcus aureus, and mycobacterium tuberculosis.

3. Anti—inflammatory action: its anti-inflammatory activity is superior to hydrocortisone.

4. Dilates blood vessels to a moderate degree thus increasing the blood supply of the heart. Such slow and sustained enhancement of coronary blood flow may prevent thrombosis. It has the pharmacological actions of anti-fatigue anti-anoxia, sedative, hypolipemic and anti-preoxidation effects. The above pharmacological actions firmly laid the scientific basis that cordyceps sinensis is good for general debility and various sorts of injuries as documented in Chinese medical literatures. Large-scale clinical trials proved that cordyceps sinensis has the following specific features and a wide range of indications (obviously effective when used as an adjuvant and free from adverse effects)

a. For disease of the respiratory system: It can significantly relieve symptoms resulting from deficiencies in the lungs such as lack of strength to cough, shortness of breath, profuse perspiration, lack of spirit and energy. It is also good for pulmonary tuberculosis, asthma and pulmonary emphysema when used as an adjuvant.

b. For nephropathy (kidney problems): Modern medical practice proved that cordyceps sinensis can improve the metabolic and transport functions of the kidneys, improving the cytodynamic conditions of renal tissue, promoting the excretion of urinary toxins, alleviating and repairing the pathogenic or toxic impairment of renal tubules and glomerulus, inhibiting secondary infection of the kidneys and hypophosphoremia (lack of phosphorus) as well as effectively control the further deterioration of uremia. It is also good for symptoms resulting from the lack of pulmonary energy or both pulmonary and renal energy such as lassitude of loins and knees, premature ejaculation and increased frequency of nocturia.

c. For cardiovascular diseases: cordyceps sinensis can increase coronary blood flow at a slow but consistent rate. It regulates the blood calcium and phosphorus ratio exerting a steady therapeutic and rehabilitating effect on the patient. It can markedly inhibit platelet aggrevation induced by collagen at a rate of 13.3% 48.5%. It has potential to be selected as a prospective candidate for further development as an antithrombotic cure.

d. For hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver: cordyceps sinensis can improve liver functions directly and play important roles in the prevention and treatment of cirrhosis of the liver. Presently, specific remedies for hepatitis and especially cirrhosis of the liver are still lacking the world over.

e. For hematopathy: cordyceps sinensis shows a satisfactory supplementaryeffect for primary thrombocytopemic purpura and exhibits certain improvement or relief for the malignancy of leukemia

f. For various carcinomas: since cordyceps sinensis shows a comprehensive therapeutic and rehabilitating effect in various visceral organs, such as the liver, kidneys, cardiovascular and respiratory systems it may exhibits an obvious palliative effect in advanced cancers and may lessen the inadequacy thus prolonging survival and improving the quality of life of the patient. Also, its lecucocytosis promoting effect may help the patient to be more tolerable to chemo-radio therapy. For benign brain tumors it also has merit as an ideal conservative treatment.

g. Detoxification effect: cordyceps sinensis was said to be "warm" in its pharmacological properties and acts without "fire" which in traditional Chinese medical theory means that the cure i$ mild in action and rarely causes hyperactivity in its clinical manifestations. It can improve the cytodynamlcs of visceral organs such as the liver, kidneys, lungs and the overall metabolism of the body.

Daily Health Care function: the nutritional values of cordyceps Sinensis is well known from time immemorial. Its effect is slow but steady with body restorative and therapeutic results which implies a- therapeutic effect in its prophylactic action with no pernicious side effects.


Tiens Cordyceps Mycellium Capsules is a product made using modern

bioengineering processes of isolating the active strain and through a series of cuIturing, concentrating, separation, drying, pulverizing and sifting to obtain the fermented cordyceps powder, which is finally sterilized and encapsulated. It does not contain hormones or stimulants yet greatly boosts energy and vitality making it suitable for those with depressed immunological functions and heavy laborers who get tired easily.

In modern history, Chinese sports teams began working with scientists and researchers to find performance-enhancing dietary supplement for their athletes. They found just what they has been looking for in cordyceps. What these scientists found was one of nature's most incredible secrets and one of China's best kept secrets. A secret of energy enhancement so incredibly powerful, it led TRACK & FIELD NEWS to say: "They (the Chinese) appear to have come up with the greatest quantum leap in human performance in history". It may be virtually impossible for most top athletes to compete in any sporting event with those athletes who are using this earth-shaking discovery.

Finally, you can benefit from the ancient Chinese herb that helps athletes set world records!
Cordyceps Sinensis was unknown outside of traditional Chinese medicine. Then in 1993 Chinese athletes broke the 10,000 meter world Track record. That same year Chinese women scored amazing successes at the National Games of Beijing.
What was the secret that allowed Chinese athletes to surpass world record?
They were using the Cordyceps. For hundreds of year’s traditional Chinese medicine has held cordyceps in high regard. This powerful, yet gentle and natural fungal herb effectively prevents and treats wide varieties of diseases and health problems.
Diseases of the respiratory system like asthma, tuberculosis, chronic bronchitis Kidney troubles.
Heart problems including cardiovascular diseases and hypertension

Cordyceps Mycelium Capsules

* Leukopenia and health problems caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy
* Insomnia, fatigue, stress and afflictions of the nervous system.

Acute and chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, and tumors of many kinds. Cordyceps has been proven in laboratory tests as a very potent male sex hormone enhancer. Cordyceps is extending the important enjoyment of life well into later years.

Cordyceps soothes the effects of many hard-to—cure diseases by improving immunity and strengthening your body's resistance to bacteria and viruses.

For centuries Cordyceps was only available to Chinese RoyaIty. You see, it only grows under very specific and hard-to-duplicate conditions. This powerful fungal herb exists in only one place in the world and is a member of a family of fungi that represents just 2% of that available. It grows on the Qinghai—the Tibetan Plateau deep within China. There the temperature is low year round. The high altitude limits the Oxygen available. These harsh conditions, which make life difficuIt even for most fungi, is perfect for growing Cordyceps.
Chinese athletes who used Cordyceps in their athletic training program surprised everyone including sports authorities when they shattered dozens of world records in just one year.

In the 1993 world games in Stuttgart Germany, and the 1993 National Games, six Chinese women broke world records 17 times, utterly smashing nine of them, some of which were thought to be unbeatable. Reporters wrote, "They (Chinese women, looked fresh, as fresh as if they have been sipping jasmine tea", after running races and breaking records "with both speed and stamina that have never co-existed in one female body until now". Not one of those women was ranked in the top 1 0 in any event before these meets.

Here's their records:
* Shattered the 1 0,000 meter world record by 42 seconds.

* Broke the 3,000 meter world record by 10 seconds

* Beat the 1 ,500 meter world record by two seconds

* Five previously unranked runners broke an unbeatable world record in the same race, and one was only 17.

* In the 1994 World Championships in Rome, Italy, they won 12 of 16 events and broke five world records.
Rumours of drug use were rampant. Later it was found that these women were on a new program of Chinese herbs and were taking Cordyceps daily.


FOR SARS, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome is a form of a typical pneumonia. Since its initial appearance, the disease has spread to so many countries and now is recognized globally as a dangerous outbreak.

Immune health is available with our exceptional immune system product. The Chief Nutritional Agent in our amazing product CORDYCEPS SINESIS. Scientific research performed on this product in several strategic categories result in Cordyceps ability to greatly enhance immune system function, thereby decreasing the spread of various contagious diseases. lmmune suppressive ingredient are contained in Cordyceps Sinesis which prevents the debility of lungs and supports the healthy lung function.


* Tiens Cordyceps Sinensis. Builds and regulates the immune system.
* It has anti-cancer effect
* It boosts energy, lifts the spirit. Hence effective for sporting activities
* It adjusts the hormonal imbalances (used for menopause, period problems)
* It is an effective product for HIV/AIDS patients (use with spirulina)
* It helps to build up weak libido (when used with vigor rousing)
* It nourishes the lungs and kidney and prevents debility of lungs and kidney
* It prevents cough, Asthma, Tuberculosis, Chronic bronchitis
* It prevents impotence, spermatorrhea, lumbago and frequent maturation
* It strengthens weak body, fatigue; tiredness from hard labour.
* It prevents Tumors due to its anti-inflammatory properties.
* It is a Natural Antibiotics hence fight against a wide spread of pathogenic bacteria such as staphylococcus aureus, Pneumococcus , streptococcus and nycobaderia tuberculosis
* It's anti-inflammatory action is superior to hydrocortisone . A
* It regulates, balances the immune system hence its potentiating and suppressive effects in Auto immune cases.
* Prevents Hepatitis and Cirrhosis of the liver.
* Promotes vitality and Stamina.
* It detoxifies the five viscera organs hence maintaining a healthy life and also aids in the proper circulation of blood to prevent arteriosclerosis and thrombosis.
* Relieves the malignancy of leukemia
* Prevents lungs dysfunction and related respiratory problems
* Helps in the treatment of various sorts of injuries.