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Sunday, 20 May 2018

Vitality Softgel

TianShi / Tiens Vitality Softgel: 0245703180, 0208520993

Vitality Softgel Capsules

* It enhances sexual function
* It empowers the heart with ability to intolerant Anoxia
* It gives maximum nutritional support in maintaining healthy, vibrant, youthful skin (tissue) inside out.
* As an anti-oxidants, it removes free radical.
* It boosts the immune system.
* It also improves the maintenance of healthy bones
* It improves the overall body condition
* It purifies the skin, maintains a healthy and vibrant complexion
* It also prevents hair loss, poor complexion & premature aging skin
* It improves memory and strengthens Endurance
* Heals burns and dermatitis when applied externally.
* Relieves chronic stomach ulcers
* Prevents thrombosis
* It stimulates and maintains the balancing of the hormonal system
* Prevents arteriosclerosis.
* It prevents menopause, (reverses menopause)
* It prevents the inflammation of the Joints known as arthritis
* Prevents hair breakage
* It prevents old age and related diseases (Senile Dementia)