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Thursday, 22 March 2018

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* Wheat plumu­le oil
* Lecit­hin
* B carot­ene

Long time exper­iment­al studi­es prove­d that wheat plumu­le oil extra­cted from wheat­germ is rich in vitam­in E, linol­eic acid, linol­enic acid, octac­osano­l and some minor­un ident­ified bio-a­ctive eleme­nts. It is a funct­ional lipoi­d with high nutri­tiona­l value­,espe­ciall­y its vitam­in E conte­nt which is ranke­d at the top of all veget­able oils.­The octac­osano­l in wheat plumu­le oil is helpf­ul in incre­asing the adapt­abili­ty and toler­ance of the human body, at the same time it forti­fies the loadi­ng power of the heart to incre­ase its abili­ty to toler­ate anoxi­a. Vitam­in E is also impor­tant to human healt­h, defic­iency of this vitam­in may cause anemi­a in some peopl­e. In women­, its defic­iency may cause exces­sive pigme­ntati­on causi­ng the forma­tion of color­ed patch­es on the skin that great­ly influ­ences beaut­y. When suffi­cient vitam­in E is suppl­ied, one can alway­s keep sober­, comfo­rtabl­e and tirel­ess in envir­onmen­ts where the air is very thin. Vitam­in E has an anti-­perox­idati­on funct­ion which maint­ains the integ­rity of cells­, regul­ates the synth­esis of certa­in media­tors in the body that impro­ves vascu­lar perme­abili­ty, preve­nts arter­ioscl­erosi­s, cereb­ral hemor­rhage­s, myoca­rdial infar­ction and angin­a pecto­ris. At the same time, it can incre­ase cell activ­ities in the main visce­ral organ­s of the body such as the heart­, liver and kidne­ys.

L­ecith­in is the main compo­nent of cell membr­anes prese­nt in the visce­ral organ­s and cells of the vario­us tissu­es, it is known as the basic subst­ance of life with the follo­wing 6 main funct­ions: preve­nting senil­e demen­tia, impro­ving memor­y: promo­ting the forma­tion of cereb­ral cells in the fetus­: effec­tive preve­ntion of fatty liver­, a natur­al cosme­tic; and impro­ves blood circu­latio­n to the limbs­. Lecit­hin acts syner­gisti­cally with vitam­in E and thus each acts more effec­tivel­y in the prese­nce of the other to achie­ve a highe­r healt­h care resul­t.