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Friday, 9 September 2016

Why are too many people : 95% distributors are failing and why more than 98% of distributors are making less than $100.00 per month

*They don't want to leave their comfort zone

* They don't understand what they are into.

* They join wrong leadership

* They are misled

* They work hard without knowledge

* They make wrong choices on the company's they work with.

* They lack proper support and etc

*They think that they are working for someone

* They think it's a get-rich-quick-overnight business

*Laziness and unorganized

*Lack of communication skills

*Lack of accountability

*Unwillingness to unlearn and learn new skills on know how.

*Lack of action

*Quit too early.  This could be explained as a distributor that has all the training, is accountable,  willing to learn etc but decide to quit after few months of efforts.

*Lack of Persistency ,  Consistency , and  Perseverance