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Saturday, 13 August 2016

Testimony from Tiens international trainer--Chuan Wang.

Hello everyone, it’s our ‘daily share’ again. Today, we have a great story about our ‘Tiens super calcium powder for children’, and it's from our Tiens international trainer--Chuan Wang.

Supplying calcium is closely connected with children’s growth. Let’s learn and share about how our Tiens calcium improves children’s immunity.
An 8 years old child, who had night sweat issue, and his mother had to change two pillows every night. Because his immunity was low thus led to catch the cold easily. His mother was worried so much, and she purchased many different calcium products from the market, but none has worked.

Later on, she found out I was doing Tiens health business. She came to me and we discussed her child’s situation. After getting to know all the detailed information, I recommended her child to take ‘Tiens super calcium for children’. She didn't believe me at first, but took one when left. Two weeks after, her child’s night sweat went better. Within a month, the night sweat has gone completely, and overall health condition has improved.
‘Journey to the cure’ is now her topic whenever she talks to friends----By using own experience to share the success of ‘Tiens super calcium powder for children’.
Many stories out there are like this, and we have to say ‘Tiens super calcium powder for children’ does bring the true health and happiness to the world.
Calcium cannot do everything, but your body goes nowhere without it.