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Saturday, 27 September 2014

TianShi Products Testimonies

Products Testimonies

Female Infertility:

In the past 11 years, I had my first child (a boy). Since then, my womb could not accept any pregnancies. I visited many professional doctors, from one hospital to the other, through clinics, local herbal medicines were used but none of them could work....

So when I met Mr. Raphael, it was just like one of the so called professionals that failed in the past. I never took them serious. Exactly 5 months, I got pregnant. So I am very sure of the effectiveness of Tianshi products Mr. Raphael gave me. I stopped using other medications about a year before meeting Mr. Raphael with the Tianshi Health Products.

My second child is also a boy.

Thank God for meeting Mr. Raphael.

----Getty, Adidome (Volta Region)

Female Infertility:

I got married over 4 years, and getting a child became so hard that all the health professionals we visited together with my husband was not successful. We made our best commitment until one faithful day, we met Mr. Raphael.

He showed to us the procedure, unlike the normal hospital ways of going about it, we never understood him until I delivered my first born (boy). Mr. Raphael told me that my child will be a boy and will be born on Wednesday, truly speaking Wednesday became the birthday of my son. My husband (a Soldier) never had the time but he finally visited Mr. Raphael. Tianshi products work!

I met Mr. Raphael and his team since April, 2013.

Thank you.

----Janet, 37 Accra (Greater Accra)

Female Infertility:

After giving birth to my daughter, getting the next pregnancy is almost impossible. Working at one of the highest state owned institutions in Ghana, I was looking out for the solution in my direction of know-how (Hospitals) and from my friends that are Doctors. They did their best, with all the tests, there was nothing wrong with me or my lovely husband. So money can't solve it. We have been looking for anything that can work for us: one faithful day, we met Mr. Raphael and we never believed that it will work out.

Since October 2013, I was experiencing changes in my physical appearance. I feels like I am becoming younger and smarter. 2nd week in March 2014, I became pregnant.

My heart is full of thanks. The professionalism exhibited by the Team of Mr. Raphael is wild on effectiveness.

God richly bless you.

-----Justina, Ridge Accra (Greater Accra)

Female Infertility

My pregnancy was like a dream. All the way from Tamale, I have to meet Mr. Raphael in Tema. Upon reaching Tema, I met his absence but his team was there. After going through few talk with them, I was asked to buy some of their products which my lack of money could not help me get. So out of the 4 different products I have to purchase, I selected only one by myself. And I could not buy the full container. So half was given to me. In just a month, I got pregnant.

I am not interested in Tianshi products (Chinese Products) but, I am now enjoying the support of a Chinese product.

Ha ha !!!

-----Alimatu, Tamale (Northern Region)


I am fifty-one years old female. Very fat, tall and fair. I started menstruating after 7 years of not seeing my menses after I used the Tianshi Products given to me by "humble" Mr. Raphael when they visited us at Conference Centre. Since then, I keep slimming down and looking more beautiful day in day out. I love my new life.

Thank you.

-----Annet, Ridge Accra (Greater Accra)

Drug Addiction:

I have been addicted to a drug after it was prescribed for me to use due to my sickle cell challenge by our family Doctor at the hospital. I tried my best to over come it, but i was not successful. From the day I met Mr. Raphael, the addiction went off.

I bought the products just once and I am happy about the new energy levels I get daily.

----Fidelia, Cantoments Accra


I was operated severally due to the hernia challenge I got. Since I started using the Tianshi Products, I got over it. The efficacy of the products is tough on good results.

---- Ben, Kpassa (Volta Region)

Sexual Weakness:

I always tell my friends, I don't like sex and whether my husband is there or not I don't care.

After loosing weight using the guidelines from Mr. Raphael's Team, there I realised that my obesity killed my marriage life. Today, I love my husband so much and I can't do without him.

Thank you!

----Ekwa, Cape Coast (Central Region)


I registered as one of the distributors of *name of company withheld*. As we know that *name of company withheld* is an American Company, I believed so much in their products. But I was gaining more weight when I started using their products. It actually worked for some few people I knew. But it did not work for me. So I keep searching online, and one afternoon, I got Mr. Raphael after trying and wasting my money on many other products that did not work.

So Mr. Raphael gave me the procedure and I follow it as it should. After 4 months, I lost 13 out of 101kg. I want to be 80kg, so I keep working hard on my procedure and health concept preached to me.

Good Health is a concept.

Thank you Mr. Raphael and your delivery (support team).

---- Akwasi, Obuasi (Ashanti Region)


I always want to worship God the best I can so all-nights is never a thing to avoid. But I believe that no one sleeps like me at all-nights. After meeting the team of Mr. Raphael, I found a product called Tianshi Spirulina. It is a great product. It keeps me alert, smart, and active until the next day of all-nights. And I no longer feels sleepy after all-nights as I used to feel.

When I was reading about it and got to know that it is also awarded as the "best health food for astronauts" I believe it.

----Jemima, Kasoa (Central Region)

Low Sperm Counts:

After hustling in Malaysia for years to make ends meet for my family in Ghana, I finally settled down with a great challenge of poor health which was life threatening. As a result, I could not make babies. To cut long story very short and simple, I was introduced to Tianshi products which made me a father of 3 lovely children. Today, I work with Tianshi as a distributor of their products: how much I earn a month can take my friends in Malaysia, 4 months of hardwork to cover up.

I love Tianshi.

---- Danny, Sunyani (Brong-Ahafo Region)


12.07.2014 will be exactly 16 years when I and my husband Mr. Paul got married happily. And since then, I never had a child or any pregnancies. Before marriage, I got pregnant and exactly 3 months, I had miscarriage for unknown reasons!

Actually, my husband really loves me and I remembered that date: 12.07.1998, the day I and him got married. After years of no child, we both have no peace and we lost our hope since money could not help. We think of adopting a child but my husband always hate the idea. We tried many treatments, meet many Big Doctors, from the known hospitals for 15 and half years no results.

My story is really complicated. Along the line I was admitted at the Psychiatric Hospital.

Later, the various tests from different hospitals shown that aside from my infertility, my husband has NO SPERM COUNTS. So the story became more complicated. Finally I ran away from the mental hospital because I knew that I am not having any mental problem.

We never quited but we nearly divorced especially after I got to know that he is not having any sperm counts at all. We stopped all medications (orthodox and herbal) for about a year since we were not seeing any results. I had many doctors but they could not help.

One afternoon, my husband went online, and God directed him to Mr. Raphael. They came to our home when my husband traveled. Actually, we did not tell Raphael that we have the challenge of infertility. He was around for a psychotherapy and acupuncture therapies for the strange movement round my neck and head which was believed that I was mad. Mr. Raphael and his team spent more time with me and I was happy. And to all my challenge, I could no longer take any medication. The drugs I was given at the mental hospital finally made me very fat. And if I take any drug apart from the mental hospital drug, I looses control. And if I don't take the mental hospital drugs a day, I'm never myself. etc....

We met Mr. Raphael on the 8:02:2014, and he assured us that in less than 6 months we will get the results (pregnancy). We obeyed his instructions, before 8th May, I had a kind of malaria. I consulted Mr. Raphael and he cautioned me not to take any drug without his notice.

In short, today, I'm pregnant for my lovely husband. I owe God lots of praise and Mr. Raphael and his team. God bless you. And I recommend the products for anyone out there with any infertility challenge.

Shirley, Odorkor, Accra

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