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Friday, 16 May 2014

TianShi / Tiens Business Over View

TianShi Business has being in Ghana since 2001. Few people that worked the opportunity had won various Tianshi / Tiens Awards such as Brand New Luxurious BMW Cars, Yachts, Private Jets and Villa.

TianShi as a conglomerate is very successful. TianShi business opportunity touched the lives of many people round the world in over 190 countries. TianShi Company has being very loyal, honest and sincere to all distributors in Ghana. Since 2001 till date, the pick of achievement by distributors has remained at Gold Lion Status. So far, we can count five known people that are Gold Lions and are still operating the TianShi Business. If there are other Gold Lions in Ghana, we know not. They can contact us and let us improve on the review post.

TianShi in the year 2011, TianShi Administration had serious challenges with the FDB, Ghana on the issue of unregistered equipment called Male Cupping Kit. Since then, the cupping kit device (both male and female cupping kits) were banned. This very story affected the business badly. Though most of the food supplements have been registered, the Ghanaian market could no longer believe in TianShi as a company. TianShi is well known round the world for their MLM success story. TianShi had never failed to pay bonuses of distributors for even a month before. So when we heard the story of the cupping kit, we were not happy as distributors because we know that it is not about TianShi not having money to register the product "Male Cupping Kit". Then what do you think might have happened that the cupping kit was not registered??? Is it corruption???

Whatever it might had been, we don't know. Meanwhile, the cupping kit was a hot product that do not last in stock. It is always on high demands. When the news hit the media esp the radios, there many people got to know the product and we had many people calling to order the cupping kit but we could not help due to the challenge with FDB.

In 2010, sales target could not be met on many occasions due to the influx of many other MLM companies in Ghana. Many "so called "TianShi known super presenters" left the company to join other MLM companies and to also start their own MLM companies. The hope in doing TianShi was almost gone. Most of the leaders stopped their operations at various parts of Ghana which affected many distributors badly. Distributors at 7 Stars and many other low ranks could not get their support so they quit. It was really a tough time.

Since 2008, TianShi products have been very scarce. There is always shortage of stock. Or no supply of most wanted products and as we write this over view, the same old story of acute product shortage or supply. Since the 2011 Cupping Kit Issue, the administration had been changed and we see better performance many aspects of the business but the same old stories when it gets to the acute products shortage and low/no supply!

Till date, distributors of TianShi Ghana, cannot print out their own monthly performances unless they all move to the head office in a long queues. Sometimes, a distributor can move all the way from wherever to the Head Office for a print out and he would be told: "there is no light". Or other good excuses why this and that is out of their control and why they can't help so so and so. The business is still managed like MLM in 1900s. With the business growing so fast since 2013, there is no expansion in the administration making it so hard for distributors to operate. For instance, say Mr. Kofi board bus from Takoradi all the way to East Legon for a print out. And he could not get it printed due to any excuse!!! How will he feel? If it is you, will you be happy?

Inaccurate Data Entry, poor leadership, low education and understanding on the MLM concept and cheating is the next line of challenges that limits many zealous persons quit TianShi business.

Inaccurate Data Entry: This challenge breaks the policy of honesty for TianShi. And it affects how much a distributor is being paid, lowers his struggle and the determination to succeed and tells him that his efforts cannot make him a success. How? For instance: Mr. Felbah, bought Tiens Products worth U$D 1000 on 100% BV/PV. And he is in 7 Star: and then went for his bonus slip only to realize that instead of 37% of 1000, he's paid less. What do you think might have happened? Eg 2: Say there is a cash promo, having fulfill all the terms and conditions, expected $10,000 as bonus and then you went for your pay and it turns out to be less than half $10,000, what will you do? When you raise your view, and why they need to pay, it becomes a hard thing to correct. For these reasons, we have known and seen many people that quit TianShi business because they could not get their accurate income worth their struggle. It happened to me personally, and this is where poor leadership comes into play.

When I encountered the challenge where there was nothing wrong from my side but the data entry on many instances, all my uplines were giving good excuses why they cannot make it to support me for the challenge to be solved. I am happy to say that though it was not easy pursuing it, the manager compensated me for the lost. We know there is always a challenge where there is a business, but the challenge breaks the business when the leadership cannot handle it positively. This is not a good thing for the growth of any business. In Tiens Ghana, today, there are "so called" big guys that are interested in taking other people's downlines into their team by lying to them, and promising to help them more through tribalisms, religions, etc and it will be very shocking if we should list their names online. When a top distributor sees a downlines performing well, he gets angry negatively and instead of motivating and appreciating their roles in their teams, they rather fights their ways out to poach their downlines (top distributor's indirect downlines) and this have made many of the top distributors weak and they are performing too low to recognition. Poaching is becoming the norm of doing Tianshi business in Ghana and this is not a good thing. Due to the large sales under such top distributors, it makes it hard to terminate them. There are "so called" lecturers that (we expect them to know better) goes round the country cheating other downlines that are not in their teams by reducing the sales made by them. Cheat can make it faster, but the truth will make you where you belong.

Due to the poor leadership, many under educated people that do not understand the MLM concept follow their leaders blindly towards a selfish movement to other new MLM companies that needs distributors badly to kick off.

From 2013 till now, the business lifted up again and on the highest sales record like never before in the history of TianShi Ghana.

The new Tiens Management (Mr. Ma Ping, Kent, Miller, Rita, Eric, etc are doing better with the performance so far.

Gold Lions : Mr. Tetteh Ademan, Madam Georgina Tetteh Ademan, Mr. Cephas Sogbo, Mr. Steven A. Opuni, Mr. Gasper Annan.

In conclusion, TianShi business is a very good business and is very rewarding compared to other MLM companies especially the revolutionary products that are very effective, great marketing plan but the challenge why you the one reading may not make it in TianShi is the poor leadership that goes a long way to affect your efforts negatively. With our tracking systems and leadership, we have helped many distributors locate their sponsors, uplines, and we support your growth and that is why this blog was made. Be aware of the challenges and create your system to fight it. We're never interested in hurting anyone. We're never interested in poaching anyone's downline. And to you the reader, if you are not registered yet, be cautious of the leadership you may be joining, it can limit you, your growth, and success with TianShi.

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Thank you.